Family Pictures 2015

As a blogger and social media dweller, I’ve seen and loved all the nice family photos. I remember as a kid getting family photos done at a department-store type place, with a boring backdrop and matching clothes. It was nice, don’t get me wrong, because we now have those memories. But, the images I see on pinterest and the family photos on the home page of my favorite blogs were too alluring. And, after all, am I a true blogger if I don’t take advantage of my blogging connections?

So, early July, I decided I wanted family pictures, especially since Rhys turned one, and the last time we had professional pictures was when Justin and I got married! I called up sweet Ashley because I knew she was a great photographer. We decided to shoot at Miller Park, a hidden sacred grove in an old, rich part of Salt Lake City. It was absolutely beautiful and stunning! I definitely want to go back!
These are some of my favorites!

Thank you Ashley!

Which picture is your favorite?

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  • I love the one where Rhys is clapping! I also love the family picture with Rhys standing on the stool. 🙂 beautiful pictures!!