Feeling Confident in Maternity Clothing

Maternity fashion can be cute and comfortable!

I was always uncomfortable when I was pregnant with Rhys. There were numerous reasons: I was teaching full-time and had to be in dresses or slacks and dressy clothes the entire week, I was always tired because of the stress of teaching a new subject at a new school, and I was getting too big for my regular clothes, but too small for real maternity clothing. Oh, and my third trimester was the last semester of school and my classroom’s AC unit didn’t work. Yeah. Joy. By the last few weeks of school, my wardrobe was super limited. At home, I was mostly wearing my pajama pants and Justin’s shirts. I didn’t really feel confident in my looks.

Maternity fashion can be cute and comfortable!

However, this summer, when we learned we were moving to Texas, I immediately started looking for more maternity clothing. I didn’t really have any leisure maternity clothes. I bought some maternity shorts and some boyfriend tees from Old Navy. But, as I got bigger, my non-maternity “maternity” clothing that I wore all the time last pregnancy, wasn’t really cutting it anymore. I could still fit in, but my underwear was tight, my shirts showed every roll. No.

My mom came and visited and I was stressing over what to wear out that didn’t make me look huge: wide and fat. She spoiled me by buying me a lot of maternity clothes. I was also convinced by my friend Danica (an Old Navy die hard) to get some maternity leggings.

With my new wardrobe or maternity pants, shorts, leggings, shirts, tanks, and dresses (and bigger underwear), I feel comfortable. I didn’t think you could be this comfortable while pregnant and still look super cute! I am so happy that my mother and I both spent money on a real maternity wardrobe for me. I feel confident. I can’t wait to mix and max my new clothes, put on makeup, do my hair, and go somewhere to show off my bump. And that has really made a big difference the past few weeks for me.

Maternity fashion can be cute and comfortable!

I’m not wanting to sit or lay down all the time. I’m not adjusting the lines on my underwear against the lines of my maternity pants. I don’t feel like I’m exploding out of my shirts. But, I’m not wearing baggy clothing, like pajamas and Justin’s shirts. Sure, I look at my photos from my bumpdates and think to myself: I sure look really wide in that photo. But, I have to remember the camera puts on 10 pounds. And, I don’t look wide in front of my mirror. People give me compliments on my outfits, especially at church. That’s what I need to focus on–the positive. How do I feel in what I wear? Right now, I feel good about my looks, therefore, I look good.

So seriously, invest in some bigger underwear, cute maternity pants of different fabrics and lengths, and adorable maternity shirts or tunics. Check out Old Navy and Target–they always have maternity stuff on sale–that’s where I was lead to!

Maternity fashion can be cute and comfortable!

I am so lucky to have friends who have been pregnant both times I have! So, I have teamed up with some of these ladies to showcase our favorite maternity outfits as well as talk about how they are confident as well. Make sure you check them out.

Danica from Danikan Skywalker
Bonnie from The Life of Bon
Emma from Ever Emma
Maternity fashion can be cute and comfortable!
I absolutely love these shorts! They are from Old Navy and are the absolute perfect length to work with my Mormon underwear, which go to a few inches above my knees! And, they are so comfy in this horrible Texan summer…yes, it’s still in the mid-high 80s here! And this shirt isn’t maternity, but it’s supposed to be loose fitting and I love how it accentuates my belly!
28 weeks pregnant and rocking a cute "non-maternity" maternity outfit: black maternity shirt from @OldNavy, non-maternity Maxi dress, and amethyst necklace from @happinessbtq
I love maxi skirts because they aren’t maternity! They work without a bump and work for a bump! The shirt is maternity. I love getting solid colored neutral tone shirts so I can layer them or mix and match.
Baby #2 Evelyn. 23 weeks bumpdate.
This outfit was my favorite up until my 3rd trimester. It is a boyfriend tee (non-maternity) and worked with my smaller bump…now it’s getting a bit too short and boxy for me without a tank under it. These capris aren’t maternity either, but only have elastic on them, so they worked perfectly with my growing bump. Sadly, these pants died in the wash…I put them in perfectly in tact, just stinky, and they came out with big holes in the seams!!!!! I was so sad putting them in the trash!
What are your favorite maternity outfits and why? How do you make yourself look comfortable and confident while pregnant?
Tayler from The Morrell Tale.com

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  1. I completely agree to invest in maternity clothes! It’s something you should do throughout the pregnancy too so you don’t end up in the hubby’s clothes at the end. I wish I would have realized that earlier on in my last pregnancy I would have been much less uncomfortable for sure! I would also add to check out ThredUp and a Ross if you have one. You can score some great maternity clothes for a pretty good price!

  2. I lived in stretchy dresses. By my third trimester it was too hot for jeans and I didn’t find the maternity band comfortable anymore. I totally agree with you on bigger underwear. I felt so much more comfortable when I went up a couple sizes!

  3. I got a ton of my maternity clothes from Target! I didn’t want to spend too much money on clothes I knew I wouldn’t be wearing for all that long. Target’s maternity jeans were perfect!!
    xo, Laura

  4. These outfits are super cute! I wish I had done more research on maternity clothes when I was pregnant. I got bored wearing the same 2 dresses all the time! I’ll have to remember this for any future pregnancies 🙂 Thanks for the post!

    1. Thanks! That’s how I felt last pregnancy. So, I decided to just get the basics that I would have in my closet anyway, just in maternity.

  5. I completely agree with everything you said! With the way bodies change so much when we’re pregnant, its so important to feel confident in your outfit, even you feel like a whale. (or at least I did. 😉 Great advice!


    1. It really is. When you feel comfy, cute, and confident when you are pregnant, you are much more willing and able to carry on with life and go out rather than be a couch potato!

    1. Don’t worry…I still wore my maternity dresses after having Rhys…and these maternity tanks are long, which I prefer in tank tops for layering, so I’ll probably wear them after anyway!

  6. You look great!
    I was the same with Marcus – I never really felt confident in what I was wearing. Totally different the second time around. I think it’s because I knew what to expect as my body was changing.

    1. You looked super adorable while pregnant with Julia! And I loved how you kept up with all your workouts. I’m doing MUCH better this time round, but still struggling to do 20 minutes 3 times a week!

  7. In some ways, I both loved and hated teaching full-time while being pregnant. On the one hand, it forced me to at least put some effort into how I looked, so I didn’t look like a *total* schlump the whole time. On the other hand, near the end, I just felt like I had a really hard time looking or feeling halfway decent in anything, and it was hard to know that I had 150 middle schoolers watching me waddle around like that. But I’m definitely glad I bought as many maternity clothes as I did because it not only made me feel better during the pregnancy, but it also gave me a lot of good transitional pieces for the fourth trimester, when all my regular clothes still weren’t even close to fitting.

    Great post! I’m loving hopping around to all these lovely blogs!

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