Focusing on the Small and Making the Most of Life

Last weekend, Justin and I took a Babymoon. It was a nice, relaxing night away, full of missed opportunities that could’ve ruined it, but it didn’t.
I do have the say that one thing Justin and I are pretty good at as a team is making the most of things and focusing the small things to make our days together better.

by making the best of all things we make the most of ourselves

Originally, our plan was to spend a whole weekend at a very nice Bed and Breakfast in Kamas. We’d have a whole suite to ourselves, enjoy the nature, and explore the old part of town. But…Justin’s International Folk Dance team performance was smack dab in the middle of Saturday. With our busy schedules of teaching, finishing college, weddings, and other big events, it was the only weekend we could go. So, we decided to get a 1 night package at the Radisson in Salt Lake. We chose a “Bed and Breakfast” package.
We wanted to spend as much time in Salt Lake as possible, but Justin’s dance performance started later than we anticipated. Instead of focusing on lost time, I was enjoying the fact that I was able to watch my husband dance and enjoy himself. (As well as hang with my parents who wanted to see their son-in-law perform.)

When we got home and loaded the car, we were excited to get to Salt Lake quickly. But, before we even got to the half-way point, we heard about a major crash near Salt Lake that was causing 1 hour+ delays on I-15! It should only take 40 minutes to get to Salt Lake, but this would’ve caused us to spend 2+ hours in traffic. Well, we knew of a back road route behind Lehi, that follows the Front Runner route, so we took that drive. It was a little out of the way, but it really only added about 10 minutes to the drive. We considered it an adventure and enjoyed the scenery.

Make the most of life.

After we checked into the hotel, we were surprised with a coupon book for the City Creek Center Mall. We were excited to use it (as well as hopefully do some shopping for Rhys and I). We headed over and started looking at shops…no maternity shops, and the one baby store didn’t have anything we really liked for newborn boys. Also, the coupon book wasn’t that useful as we weren’t planning on shopping in expensive stores. Instead, we enjoyed just walking around and window shopping. Not that big of a deal if we didn’t end up spending money.

We had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. We loved it the last (and first) time we went, so we knew it’d be fun again. We got there just barely before the dinner rush and only had to wait less than 10 minutes to get seated! Awesome! We found an entree we really wanted to eat (their entrees are huge, so we split them and then just get 2 slices of cheesecake). But, they were out of ingredients for that. So, instead, we just went with our 2nd choice and decided to add an appetizer to it. The food was still delicious and the waitress was very good, so we still enjoyed it.

We went back to the hotel to drop off our Cheesecake for later, and then headed to the Gateway Mall. We found a maternity store and I started trying on maternity jeans (I am in desperate need of maternity pants). Then, I noticed the tags…the cheapest was $150!!! No FREAKING WAY IN HEAVEN would I EVER spend that much on a pair of jeans that I’d only be wearing for the next 3 1/2 months! That was the only maternity store, so once again, we left empty-handed. There were no baby stores, so we couldn’t get anything for Rhys. I was starting to feel down. Then, we headed over to the theatre to see if there were any movies we’d want to see. There weren’t. And I was getting tired–mentally, emotionally, physically, because of the pregnancy. So, we sat down a bit. I was disappointed. We couldn’t really shop like we anticipated, we couldn’t see a movie we wanted, we had brought nothing to entertain ourselves in the hotel room because we hadn’t expected to have to entertain ourselves, and this was the only night for our Babymoon.


As we sat, we saw many teenagers in prom attire, facing the cold wind that started blowing. The sun was setting. I started to realize, it’s ok. We aren’t a fancy couple, we aren’t an extravagant couple. We are here to take a breather from life. We wanted to get out of Provo and we did. We didn’t want to bring electronics with us and we didn’t. We were outside and enjoying walking around Salt Lake with each other. That was what mattered–we were enjoying time with each other that we typically don’t get without homework, family, grading, or laptops distracting us.

We got up and went to Barnes and Noble because it’s a book store and we have to it’s my weakness. We looked at baby books for the fun of it and saw some cute baby journals. We also looked at the board games, just to see what they had. And we found Rummikub, one of the games Justin and I love the most, but don’t own! It was a good price, so we bought it. We decided we could play it in the hotel room! We were really excited that we had something to entertain ourselves with!

In the hotel room, we sat up the bed with cheesecake, Rummikub, and turned on the TV, which happened to be showing The Goonies, one of Justin’s favorite movies. It was very fun to play and eat. Afterward, we went down to the indoor pool. I was cold the whole time, but we still had fun–we hadn’t gone swimming since August! Justin then went into the hot tub. I desperately wanted to, I love hot tubs. But I didn’t for Rhys’s sake. After a bit, we headed back up to the room for pajamas, then headed downstairs to the lobby to get some Starbucks hot chocolate…but, they had closed up shop. I was sad–I was looking forward to Starbucks hot chocolate all evening. But, I decided it was ok and I’d get some in the morning.

The Happiest People Don't Have The Best of Everything

We had planned to have breakfast at the buffet in the morning, then go the Music and the Spoken Word at Temple Square. But, Justin wasn’t feeling too well. So, although I really wanted to go, we stayed in the hotel. We turned on the TV an watched Jumanji and Hook while cuddling. We hadn’t laid in bed, cuddling for a long, long time considering I leave early in the morning. So, it was very relaxing and definitely needed.

So, although things may fall through, or there may be hiccups in life, always try to find the positive side to it. Focus on the small and make the most of it. I love being married to Justin for that–he makes it so easy for me to do.

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.


  1. I almost spat my coffee out reading how expensive maternity jeans are…. I can't comprehend that kind of investment unless you plan on being pregnant all the time… Even though it wasn't initially what you had planned it's still lovely that you two got to go on a mini-vacation together! x

  2. I love that you and Justin were able to enjoy what you did have during your Babymoon, rather than focus on things that may not have necessarily gone they way you had hoped. Often it's easy to get hung up on what we're missing rather than what we're blessed with already!

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