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My brother has officially entered the LDS Missionary Training Center. He will be there for a few weeks, studying Gospel-related Spanish conversations, and learning how to teach and preach the Gospel. Then, he’ll head to south Argentina for two whole years to bring His Word to Argentinians. He will be 20 years old the next time I see him in person!!! Keep him and his mission in your prayers!

Awesome Moments
– We had such a fun time with family last weekend, celebrating our last few days with my brother
– I realized that Reign’s 3rd season had already started, so I had a 5 episode marathon yesterday!
– I found a few grad programs I will be applying to in the new year

Grateful Moments
– My testimony of the LDS Church
– Rhys has discovered a new show he likes besides Curious George and Daniel Tiger…you can only watch those so many times….
– How unbelievably smart my little boy really is! (Not biased at all!!)

Awkward Moments
Still waiting on details for some good news. Sigh.
– Realizing that Rhys runs just like Pheobe from Friends.

(Awesome moment: as I was putting this GIF on, Rhys noticed and started clapping and dancing–he recognized it was Friends and he always dances and sings along with the theme song!)

In Case You Missed It
THE book that saved my testimony in the LDS Church!
A deceiving book that compares and contrasts Christianity to Islam
Justin talks about his love of sports

Looking Forward To
-Thanksgiving, duh!
– Black Friday/Cyber Monday and getting a new iPhone–one that is updated and actually works because babies haven’t attacked it!
– Finally being able to share good news with you

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