Full on Friday 1/15

Because of the newsletter that I am going to begin, I will only be doing two of these Full on Friday posts a month from now on. I just have soooooooo many ideas, inspirations, and drafts to post that want every day possible! I’m already backlogged to mid-March! Can you believe that! I love being a SAHM and focusing on my blog. I never thought I’d have this many ideas to write about without working!

Life Lately
Our New Years was off to a crappy start. As you read, we were all sick with the cold virus and stomach flu during Christmas break. Well, I have still been sniffing and snorting and coughing out mucus these past two weeks. Blech! So, needless to say, I haven’t done to well on my resolution to finally get serious about working out each day and lose this darn baby weight I still have!

Rhys started nursery on Sunday! They were short on adults, so I decided to stay and help. Rhys loved all the toys there were to play with and all the kids his age. He did very well during snack time and listened to the cute lesson about Noah’s Ark. He scribbled a picture for me and participated in singing time. He loved it and was definitely worn out afterwards and went right down for a nap when we got home.

He loved eating Goldfish crackers…and he DIDN’T try taking someone else’s! AND he sat in his chair even AFTER he was done!
He loved playing with bubbles while parents were picking kids up.

We are beginning to slowly pack up our stuff and take inventory of what we will take with us to my parents’ basement vs what we will store away vs what we will give away.

We got another snow and Rhys has loved playing in it.

Justin and I have been slowly rewatching the Star Wars movies after seeing Episode VII during Christmas break. We have also been doing a lot of research into the canon and extended universe and have had a lot of nice conversations about it.

Grateful List

I am loving reading Psalms and relishing in the glory of our God.

I was brave and decided to use Justin as an example and talk to people I probably wouldn’t have otherwise talked to on the TRAX.

The two hour nap Rhys and I had together yesterday after he had a hard night.

Having a girls’ night out with a neighbor friend. We ended up talking for 3.5 hours!

In Case You Missed It

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