Full on Friday 12/4

How is it already December?!?!?! Tonight we will be decorating for Christmas, so any tips on keeping toddlers away from trees will be greatly appreciated!

Awesome Moments
She Teaches Fearlessly has launched! I am so excited to share the Gospel with the world.
– We had Dunk’n Donuts on Monday and Taco Tuesday on Tuesday!
– I’ve won THREE giveaways this week: a book, ad space, and a Target gift card! All hail the Blogging Gods!

Grateful List
– I am grateful for a husband who takes good care of me and my son
– I am grateful that my parents live 40 minutes away and work only 10 minutes away
– I am grateful to be a part of She Teaches Fearlessly

Awkward Moment
– I haven’t been feeling well this week: super sluggish, no motivation or energy, headaches, super sleepy. Finally I started feeling better yesterday.
– I kinda sorta drove the car over a meridian trying to exit the Del Taco drive-thru since I was early to Taco Tuesday. The bottom of the car literally got stuck. I felt so stupid. Rhys had been asleep in the car for the past 30 minutes, but as soon as he heard the screeching, he woke right up. People going through the drive thru tried very carefully not to hit my car and kept asking if I needed help. The teenage workers at the next-door dry cleaning kept pointing and watching and taking pictures on their phones. My dad came over with his Jeep and towed my car off.

So, ya, pretty embarrassing! To negate that, I’ll share some of the family pictures we got before Bobby left on his mission.

 photo Friday Link Up Image_zpshjxlmjwo.jpg



How has your week been?

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  1. I feel you on the car situation!! Once at a gas station I thought l had more room than I actually did, and I hit the metal slab a gas pump stood on and it immediately popped my tire. I'm so lucky I didn't take out the actual pump!

    But, let's talk about how amazing those photos are!

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