Get Fit Thursdays // Meal Planning

Another Get Fit Thursday! I love these! It makes me feel so movtivated!

Today’s prompt is on Meal Planning.

Ever since I got married 2.5 years ago, I’ve tried to plan our dinners a week ahead. We typically had a staple menu and experimented a lot. So, I’ve decided to give you some tips on how to plan healthier meals!

** Make sure you have breakfast! It truly is the most important meal of the day!
** Have a variety for the week, don’t always have the same thing!
** Make sure to have at least 8 oz of milk and fruit with breakfast
** Cereals: whole grain, multi-grain, low cholesterol, granola, mix fruit into it
** Oatmeal: mix fruit or milk into it
** Protein: protein is actually a great way to stay fuller, longer. I love having eggs with cheese, ham, and paprika.
** Meal Shakes: Slim-fasts, protein shakes, green smoothies

**As with breakfast, don’t always have the same thing!
** Sandwiches, salads, and deconstructed lunches are my favorite!
** With sandwiches, be careful! I used to work at Subway, and I know what bread, condiments, meats and cheeses combos aren’t healthy!
** If you must have a condiment, chose only one and spread it lightly
** Have as many veggies as you do meat on your sandwiches!
** Have a salad at least once a week!
** Use a mixture of greens. Iceberg isn’t that healthy (it has almost no nutrients…just water). The darker green, the better.
** Have a mixture of veggies/fruits, and proteins.
** Add only a tablespoon or so of dressing, no more!
** Deconstructed lunches are basically enough healthy snacks to make a meal: fruit, cheese, deli meat, hummus, etc.
** Have another serving of fruit and/or vegetable with it!

** Be smart with your snacks!
** Fruit, cheese, hummus and veggies, protein/green shakes, air popped popcorn
** I actually love frozen sweet peas…I always have since I was a kid!

** Try to have one vegetarian meal a week
** Try to have one carb-less meal a week
** Always try to use whole-grain or multi-grain.
** Always have veggies!
** Try to find healthier substitutions: brown rice instead of white rice, quinoa instead of rice, whole gain pasta instead of white, wheat flour instead of white, olive oil instead of vegetable oil, cauliflower instead of dough, sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes.
** Always, always, always pack away leftovers for lunch the next day before you decide to have seconds!
** Have water instead of any other drink.

Justin and I plan our dinners every Sunday night for the next week. We go grocery shopping every two weeks. So, the second week, before the next shopping trip, you’ll have to be a little more creative, but that’ll help you get out of having the same thing often. Also, when you go grocery shopping, make sure to create a list before you go! Trust me! It’ll shave a lot off your receipt! One more thing that helps us is to try a new recipe every two weeks.

And, it’s ok to slack off every now and then. It’s ok to have some dessert or coke or eat out. Just don’t make it a habit. And, if you follow these suggestions, and at least plan out dinners for a week, it’ll help keep it from being a habit.

Do you meal plan, how so? What healthy meals do you use or eat?

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  1. Forgot to add my link to this for like, a solid 6 days haha. I really like a lot of your ideas! I have a really hard time with deconstructed lunches though. It seems like I never feel satisfied and just feel like I've been snacking all day. I really want to like them though!

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