Get Fit Thursdays // Work Out Games

How many of you like to watch TV? I do! I do!
How many of you watch the same series over and over again or binge on seasons? I do! I do!
How many of you have an elliptical, bike machine, or treadmill in front of your TV? I don’t! I don’t!
So, I decided to make a few workout games for some of the recent sitcoms I’ve been obsessing over!
Shameless plug–please pin!!

What are some of your favorite workout games?


Today: Your Choice (Work Out Games)
Th 4/30: Your Choice (I’m doing a playlist)
Th 5/14: “Workout Fashion”
Th 5/21: I’m going to link to all my previous posts on fitness and healthy lifestyles that I’ve ever done.
Th 6/18: “Q&A”–where are you since day 1, and ask us 3 whatever relevant question you want!
Th 6/23: “Results”–we’ll answer your questions and you give us final results!

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