Guilty Pleasures

chocolate, pepsi, fairies, disney, and back massages are just some of my guilty pleasures. what are yours?

Everyone has guilty pleasures. Today, I’ve decided to let you know what mine are.

chocolate, pepsi, fairies, disney, and back massages are just some of my guilty pleasures. what are yours?

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Chocolate | I am a chocoholic. That is why I do the sugar fast in March. I love chocolate, especially hazelnut or peanut butter. No bake cookies never last 24 hours in my house because I eat them all.

Pepsi | Pepsi is the only soda that I like. I know, I’m a pariah in Utah because everyone else is obsessed with Diet Coke. But, Pepsi is for me. Not diet Pepsi, not any flavored Pepsi. Normal Pepsi. I love that fizzy feeling down my throat!

Tinkerbell and Fairy movies | As a child, I was obsessed with fairies. I was obsessed with magic (still am–I love fantasy). I have seen every single Tinkerbell movie that Disney has created, and I love FernGully and Epic.

Disney Songs | I am a Disney fanatic! I love belting out the songs from the movies (I know most of them by heart!).

Sonic | Strawberry lemonade with extra strawberries and no ice and 1/2 priced milkshakes after 8pm are my weakness, especially during the summer!

Chickflicks | I don’t necessarily like chickflicks–I get so bored with NottinghillThe Notebook, You’ve Got Mail (sorry mom–those are 3 of her favorites!), but I do like rom-coms. Although Titanic is not a rom-com. However, Justin doesn’t like those movies, so I typically have to watch them without him, when he’s not home.

Going to Starbucks or a Library all Saturday morning | I love being able to get away from the house and spend a few hours by myself. I work on the blog, write all of the posts for the next week, and just surf the web.

Rhys | When I taught part-time last year, I would put off doing my grading and planning to just watch Rhys. Same now. I put off doing blogging stuff and even reading to just play with Rhys. I love watching him grow and learn and explore. He gives me such joy.

Back Massages | love being massaged along my spine, and especially around my shoulders. I just melt. It feels so good! I beg Justin almost every other day to give me one. I know he gets annoyed with it, but just feels so nice!

What are your guilty pleasures?

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  1. I miss Sonic! There aren’t any around us. When I was working in KC I used to frequently take quick afternoon breaks and run to Sonic (so conveniently located just blocks away) during Happy Hour for their Ocean Water. SO GOOD!

  2. I love chocolate and prefer Coca Cola (hehehe). I love how these simple pleasures are simply simple. There is no need for something huge to bring us joy.

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