Happy Birthday Marines and Thank You Veterans

Sorry for my short break. It’s been super busy, then I had a day and a half to relax with no responsibility and I took it.
However, yesterday was the Marine Corps birthday. 
On November 10, 1775, Captain Samuel Nicholas formed two battalions that would act as Continental Marines–soldiers who would fight on both land and sea–during the Revolution.
They now fight on the air, land, and sea.

My dad was a Marine for a long time. He is was in the Marine Corps from before I was born, worked as an officer and a JAG, and retired last October (2012). He never actually fought with weapons, but instead, with law and democracy. He went to Iraq. He survived 9/11. He is my hero, and the perfect example of a true patriot.


I am so very grateful to the Marines, as well as all the other veterans. Today, my charter school is hosting a Veteran Salute. We’ve collected pictures of veterans from the students’ and staff’s families to hang on the wall, regardless of time or branch. Living veteran relatives are invited to our school this afternoon as we honor them and salute them. I’m excited for my dad to get honored by kids who care about their country and are grateful for the heroes they have.

So, to all of you veterans out there, thank you.
Thank you Grandpa Christiansen and Grandpa Roberts for your service in the Army during the Korean War.
Thank you cousins Jeff and Sara Roberts for your services in the Army in Iraq.
Thank you Dad for your service both in peacetime in the US and in Iraq.
I’ve always been proud to be a military brat, and I know a few military wife bloggers who are proud of their husbands. Check out their blogs in honor of their husbands’ service today!
Army Ever After

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