How We Wore It // Keeping It Casual

Rhys and I are excited to join up with Brooke from Silver Lining again for the How We Wore It series.

This month’s inspiration comes from Robyn Vilate. She wears a camo shirt, jeans, converse shoes, and a baseball cap.

via Robyn Vilate
Casual to me means jeans and braids…definitely braids. But, since I got my hair cut, I haven’t been able to actually get it into braids. I can’t tell you how long it took today with as short as my hair is and how thick and curly. Yes, it was wet when I tried (which usually helps), but I guess they still aren’t truly long enough…so forgive the poor braids. Also, I used to wear hats all the time in college, but once I got hired as a teacher and hats are a big no-no, I got rid of them all. Thankfully, Justin had quite a few caps in the closet!

Can I tell you how hard it is to take your own pictures? Especially with focusing your DSLR on a blank spot waiting for a body to appear…with a one year old in a stroller nearby…

Rhys decided to join me in doing this round since he has a hat and camo pants! Focus the marks on his face…he tripped on the asphalt…he fussed until I picked him up and kissed him, then squirmed until I let him go to play some more…boys will be boys, I guess.

Tayler–> hat and black shirt-BYU store // vest-Wet Seal // necklace-gift // pants-Kohl’s // shoes-Sole Envy
Rhys–> hat, shirt, pants, sandals–ALL from Wal-Mart! We love the very low prices on baby clothes!

Rhys decided he wanted to set up the camera and be my tech crew.

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Who wore it better–Rhys or me? ๐Ÿ˜‰

{Check out this lovely lady}

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  1. You are a brave woman to take these pictures by yourself with the little guy in tow! I would probably end up having some kind of a meltdown! I love how you incorporated the camo!

  2. I love the casual look. I'm usually sporting something very similar most days!

  3. I typically throw on a pair of jeans/shorts and a plain colored top. But, I make sure I have cute sandals and cute earrings and a cute hair bow/headband to dress it up a bit.

  4. Adding a fabric headband, flower, or bow, and making sure to have at least 2 types of jewelry on always dresses it up! That's what I typically do!

  5. You all totally nailed the casual & camo trend. I've been seeing camo make a come back which is cool because I really like that print.

  6. Super cute on both of you! I love camo…especially on kids. My boys all have pants too. I also like how all the different bloggers are doing this together.

  7. I love the hat! I'm a huge BYU fan and love the cargo too. Great inspiration and so much fun for the summer. Love casual clothes, especially when taking my nieces out for activities.

  8. Thanks, January. I'm kind of obsessed with taking pictures of him! Almost to a point that you would call it stalker-ish if he wasn't my own baby boy!

  9. He loves helping with everything! Just today, he was holding tools and banging it against the bikes as Justin set up a bike baby trailer!

  10. i love that the babe brought in the camo for this look. i decided from your post and one of the others that i need a BYU hat. i went to school there, and i need something to represent the place.

  11. I have plenty of the football season $5 and free shirts I got from working Concessions, but I'm actually wearing my husband's hat ๐Ÿ˜‰ Rhys actually has quite a few pairs of camo pants…I don't =)

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