I Hate/Love My Glasses

I hate wearing glasses. I always have. As a kid, you are perceived as a nerd. A non-athletic, wheezing, book-worm, socially inept nerd. Since I am a 90’s kid, my glasses have included horrible fads, such as thick/wide pink glasses, to wire turtle patterned glasses, to black plastic glasses. All terrible.
But, I defied the stereotype. True, I was a book-worm nerd, but I was not socially-inept and I WAS an athlete! I participated in sports all my life. In elementary school, I wore my glasses playing softball and basketball. In middle school, I started playing rougher sports: soccer and field hockey. I wore my glasses in soccer and had to go to Wal-Mart to rebend the frames, or pop the lenses back in. Thus, I stopped wearing my glasses to sports and became blind. Well, I mean I could see, but not very well. But enough to kick and defend.
But, no matter how well I was at sports, I was still an outcast. True, the main reason was probably my geekiness and tendency to be a teacher’s pet, but I like to blame my physical appearance for it.
Senior Picture 2008
High school was my savior! I got contacts my freshman year and a hair cut that required me to learn how to present myself with short, curly hair. I was more accepted into more groups…didn’t matter which clique. I was still mostly a geek, but a lot of the geeks (IB/AP students) were some of the most popular students, so I had my foot in that door. 

College came around and I had little over a year supply of contacts. I wore glasses only when we went to midnight movies (which happened quite frequently). Summer came and I ran out. Oh, not to mention my family had moved and my prescription had expired. Thus, the search for new contacts began. I went to cheap-o Wal-Mart and got contacts. They weren’t the right prescription. Tried again; they didn’t sit still on my eyes. The doctor mentioned it was because my astigmatism had gotten so bad, I my eyes weren’t the right shape for contacts. Well, my year supply that I bought were now useless. I started to wear my ugly black glasses were were lopsided. My ears are actually lopsided, so no matter what I did, my glasses looked crooked.

Note the crookedness
I learned to live with it, but I dreaded pictures that were taken of me. I hated how I looked. And no matter what, bangs/no bangs, I wasn’t satisfied. Summer of 2010 came around and I was finally able to get some quick contacts, a trial pair, that fit perfectly and stayed still before I went to Wales. I got back two months later, the trial pair worn out and trashed. The real pairs didn’t work. They slipped and they slid.
Thus, it was back to glasses. My junior year of college came around and I was sick of the same lenses I had for the past, umm, about 4 years! My family was also about to go on a cruise to Mexico, so I decided to fork up $100 and buy a new set of frames. 
Look, I had to wear my glasses right up until I went swimming!
I loved my new frames. The new worker at Wal-Mart molded them to fit my lop-sided ears. They were big, but cute. Black, but orange. Business up front, party in the back (err, sides). A closer look will reveal the orange has a white vine-y design. Fits my personality perfectly, and after all, orange is my favorite color! It was also my first attempt to branch out, explore fashionably, and try to find who I was in this mad, adult, college world.
But, the problem was still thus: I hate wearing glasses and no contacts sit still on my eyes. Problems of glasses include: constantly smudging and having to clean, steamed up opening an oven or dishwasher, water stains when it is raining outside, no wearing headbands, gets in the way when kissing ;), can’t really wear hats, no sunglasses, my nose and ears periodically tend to get sore. The list goes on and on. I wanted contacts again.
Finally, I was able to get for my bridals and my wedding. There was no way I was going to wear my glasses for either.
See how pretty I am without glasses? To quote my mom, “Like a porcelain doll.”
I had gotten these contacts not from Wal-Mart, but from a suggested optometrist. We worked very well with my stupid astigmatism and tried a new brand that was made for misshaped eyes like mine. I wore the trial pair all through July and August and they fit perfectly. I was so excited. I bought a year supply. Then, during my honeymoon, one of the contacts ripped. I tried on the new pair, and guess what. They moved and wiggled and didn’t stay focused. DANG IT!

So, I am now back to wearing glasses. I wish that the regular pairs of contacts would fit as well as the trial pair. There is no difference between them. I don’t understand it. I hate wearing glasses, I am tired of it. I have worn them for so long, I now have a red indent on my nose from where the bridge sits.
It’s not very noticeable in the picture, but in real life, if I move my glasses, you can notice it.
But, I can’t stop wearing my glasses, especially this pair. It represents me so well. They say, I am different, I like to read, I am a geek, but a geek who is sociable and normal, I am unique, I have a bright personality. It is my persona. It represents who I am. I would love contacts that actually fit, but even if I did, I would probably still wear my glasses often. 
I just wish I had that option: wearing them often as opposed to all the time.

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.

  • Gurl. I totes feel ya. I was called four-eyes when I was younger and then incessantly teased on the soccer team for my glasses. After a head ball, I'd have to do a Velma, and literally GET ON MY HANDS AND KNEES to feel around for wherever my glasses went. I've been so blessed that contacts do work for me. Needless to say, people don't even know my vision is impaired because I never wear my glasses if I can avoid it.