Letters, Letters, Letters!

Jacqueline from Just Jacq realized that one of the best things was receiving letters in the mail. I completely agree. I love getting anything in the mail. So, she decided to do a letter exchange program for bloggers. This way, we could make friends, network, and get mail all at the same time! =)
I was paired with Chelsee at Southern Beauty Guide. She is a southern belle who has a flair for makeup and other beauty tips. She’s also big into networking and helping bloggers of all sizes make friends and learn, so she created her own pairing group called Bigs and Smalls Blogging Network. In this, a bigger blogger is paired with a smaller blogger. I think that is a wonderful idea!

Well, Chelsee and I emailed a few times to get to know each other, then we sent each other encouraging letters.
This is the one I received from her.
Thanks, Chelsee!
What I also really liked about this letter exchange program of Jacq’s is that I also received a letter from her! I was only expecting one from my partner, and I think it is wonderful and shows how much she cares about this project to send us letters as well!
If this really awesome program interests you, just click on the button below to sign up for Septembers!

Here is September’s schedule:
Signups begin August 26.
Matches revealed September 1.
Contact must be made by September 4.
Letters sent by September 18.
Sharing post is September 25.
October signups begin September 23.

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