My Thoughts on The Office

My thoughts on the sitcom The Office. and downs, loves and hates....

I remember The Office being a big deal when I was a teenage and beginning college. I watched the second half of the seasons almost episode to episode. This was when Hulu had just come out and I was so grateful because I could still mostly keep up with it when I went to college. However, I never really watched the first two or three seasons.

My friend, Danica, is obsessed with The Office. Seriously. Like it’s on most days in her house as background noise. Like, she probably can’t count how many times she’s watched all the episodes. Recently, Netflix took off How I Met Your Mother (my favorite sitcom). And, I had just finished another run-through of Friends. So, with Danica on my mind, I decided to do my first full run-through of The Office.

My thoughts on the sitcom The Office. and downs, loves and hates....

  • Michael Scott, in any work-related situation, makes me very uncomfortable. I completely understand that he is very good with people–he’s a brilliant salesman because understands and connects with people. But, he’s also crude and ignorant and that does not do a manager good. And, he always procrastinates and tries to pass off important decision making. He doesn’t know how to be a manager. Seriously, how has he not been fired or at least demoted back to a salesman with every new HR nightmare that he becomes? Again, he’s a good person, he just doesn’t know when to shut it sometimes and doesn’t know how to manage properly.
  • I am so happy when Jim Halpert finally helps start up Athlead. I mean, he was one of the major protagonists, and he basically glorified mediocrity. As a teacher, as a mother, and as a Type-A/anal-retentive person, that really irked me. I mean, he is such a sweet-heart and so romantic, and I definitely had a crush on him in high school, but at least try.
  • Dwight really is a good person. I understand he had a weird/strict/cultish German Pennsylvanian Mennonite upbringing, and was such a geek and know-it-all, but he really was a good person. Like Barney from HIMYM. Both of them try to play it off, but they really care about their friends and have deep feelings.
  • Gabe is just weird and creepy and pathetic.
  • I know it’s Michael, but do companies typically have that many parties and catered lunches….well, then again, when Justin worked for Verisys in Sandy, Utah, they had a lot of catered lunches….
  • I know Michael Scott left to be with Holly because Steve Carell went onto actual movie acting, but The Office really changed after that.
  • love, love, love, love, love the Jim and Pam relationship, courtship, and wedding. I love, love, love, love, love the Niagara wedding episodes. …. And you know that song everyone danced down the aisle to? Well, it was huge when I started college–and everyone knew it from The Office. There was one time at a dance I went to where that song started playing and couples and dates started dancing down the middle of the dance floor together…I did with my date (who ended marrying my roommate–haha).
  • I love how Jim and Pam care and sometimes indulge Michael.
  • Jan is cray-cray! But, there was actually a long time where I really considered the name Astrid for a daughter. Not because of Jan, but because of How to Train Your Dragons…then, my mom reminded me that Michael called Jan’s baby “As-turd”, and Justin said he didn’t like the name…..
  • I feel so bad for … oh my gosh, now I really feel bad…I forgot Toby’s name while I was writing this!!!! I’m part of the problem!!! I feel so bad for Toby. He really did seem like a nice guy.
  • I’m jealous they got to go to Gettysburg. Yes, I grew up in northern Virginia and had like 5 Civil War battlefields within 30 minutes of me and went to at least one every year for a field trip…but still. Justin grew up in Pennsylvania and went to Gettysburg on field trips.
  • Because Justin grew up in Pennsylvania, I’ve asked him numerous times how close Scranton is to Lancaster. And, whenever other Pennsylvanian cities or places were named: “Justin, how far is that from Lancaster? Have you been there? Is it really like that?”
  • I’m so happy that Phyllis had such a doting husband. But, now watching it after seeing Disney’s Inside Out, I can see why they chose her to be Sadness.
  • It’s also weird to see Mindy Kaling play Kelly Kapoor after reading her two memoirs and learning about her rise to fame by starting as an editor for the scripts, then writing the scripts, then producing some episodes….
  • It’s also weird to know that B.J. Novak played such a crucial role behind-the-scenes but that his voice still sounds really young…..
  • And, with Catherine Tate! Knowing her now as Donna Noble from Doctor Who, it was interesting to see her play such a part in The Office…and so skinny too!
  • And Erin Hannon after watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. She’s still kind of an innocent, naive, dolt.
  • Holly is perfect. I love her. And she has such a cute little nose. And she is absolutely perfect for Michael…dare I say it….more perfect for Michael than Pam and Jim are for each other.
  • When Jim was at the other branch, he and Karen and Andy played a lot of Call of Duty…and the manager was in on it too…does this actually happen in corporate America??????????
  • I’d actually date Andy. And Jim. Always Jim. Maybe give Toby a date or two. And Darrell.
  • I like Darrell, but I don’t think he’d like me.
  • With all the apparent mistakes Kevin has made in accounting, why wasn’t he fired?
  • Angela is a b***. Yes, I’m glad she and Dwight eventually married at the end of the series, but I’m happy for Dwight, not for her.
  • I found it interesting that Creed Batton’s actor’s name is also Creed Batton. I always find it interesting when characters have the same name as their actor, but are totally different. So, I researched Creed and apparently was born “William Charles Sneider” which is one of the character’s aliases. Also, apparently he was in a popular band in the 60s called the Grass Roots.
  • I kind of really hate Ryan for leaving his baby. Seriously. And I kind of really hate Nellie for basically kidnapping the baby to Europe.
  • Robert California disgusted me. I really liked Cathy Bates as Jo Bennett. That was a fun character.
  • I know Will Ferrell did an episode or two as the new manager after Michael Scott left. But, did he end up in a coma because Ferrell became too expensive or didn’t want to do it anymore or became too busy with other projects???
  • Honestly, I think Oscar and I would have been friends. Sometimes I’m elitist, I admit it. But, I’m pretty sure he would talk about me behind my back.
  • I like the idea of the Boom Guy helping Pam in the last season. It makes sense–they’ve known each other (albeit with a metaphorical wall in their way) for almost a decade making the documentary. I liked that was added in.
  • I also like the way they showed the chaos of having two young children–it’s not always perfect or ideal. And there is a lot of dual crying. A lot.
  • I still like Friends and How I Met Your Mother better.

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.

  • Jennifer Brock

    I love hearing other people share their thoughts on this show! I have watched it all the way through at least 3 times lol

  • I loved the office. It’s definitely in my top 5 fave shows!

  • Maya Kim

    Lol, needed this today!

  • Lyndsey Piccolino

    hahah this is funny! I can appreciate the office humor although I never really watched it!