Myers-Briggs Personality Test

I am a writing tutor at my college. Actually…I’m two different kinds of writing tutors:

The first is called Writing Fellows. In pairs or small groups, we help one specific class, and split the students between us. We help them with two papers for the entire semester. I also have to take a class for this job called Writing and Pedagogy.

I also work in the Family, Home, and Social Science College Writing Lab. We do cold reads and help whoever needs it then and there. But we only cater to majors within the college, such as history, anthropology, political science, family life, etc.

In class for Writing Fellows, we learned about different types of tutors and tutees. We took the…
Myers-Briggs Personality Test
My Result: ESTJ
We applied this to tutoring. We were given a handout on how each piece of the personality (each of the four letters) affected how we write, how we read, and how we tutor. For my blog, I want to discover how I write.
1) Talk about my ideas, writings. YES!
2) Interview. NO!
3) Find clarity the further I get into the paper (my ideas are a little muddled in earlier paragraphs). YES!
4) Outline more easily after the first draft, rather than before. Sometimes…
5) Like to discuss after a draft to realize what I need to change. Sometimes…
1) Genearte ideas from direct experience or observation. Sometimes…
2) Digest data before going to abstarct concepts. Yes!
3) Linear, step-by-step writing process. YES!
4) Most comfortable following “tried and true” writing formats. Sometimes…
5) Say things clearly, direclty, simply. YES! (for academic papers – not my creative writing)
6) May need to strengthen central themes or ideas and streamline date. NO!
7) may need to delay focusing on mechanics until their final revision. YES!!
1) Choose topics that are intellectually intersting. YES!
2) Prefer to maintain emptional distance from their topic. NO!
3) Focus more on the logical push of their argument. YES!
4) Make conclusions based on objective criteria or principles. YES!
5) Use structure to develop ideas; revise by adjusting structure. YES!
6) May negelct audience. No!
7) True/false or just/unjust. Sometimes…
1) Limits topics quickly. YES!
2) Work on a set schedule, one project at a time. YES!
3) State conclusions and then develop argument. YES!
4) May begin writing before I’ve adequately researched my topic. NO!
5) Writing tends to be very focused and decisive as well as highly organized. YES!
6) May need to revise by expanding topc and qualifying some statements. Sometimes…
7) May also need to more thoroughly analyze my topic. NO!


If you are interested in finding out what personality type you are, go to:

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