Not Maternity Clothes


Shirt: Papaya
Dress: Papaya
Cardigan: Papaya
Shoes: Sole Envy
Necklace: It’s a real leaf dipped in bronze. I got it at a Christmas gift expo.
First of all, can you tell that I love Papaya? It’s my favorite shop ever! They always have the cutest items that are still in style on their $3, $5, $7, and $10 clearance racks!
Well, this week, I went to the mall to try and find maternity clothing. Everything was over-priced, in my opinion, not that cute, and bulky/bulgy in areas it didn’t need to be. So, giving up, my husband and I walked past Papaya, which was having a sale. typically when we go to the mall, I always check into Papaya and buy at least one item of clothing. I walked past it–no reason for me to go in since I was pregnant and they don’t sell maternity clothing. But then, I just couldn’t handle not seeing the clearance items…so we walked in.
I found some really cute maxi dresses (including the one above). The mediums (my normal size) fit perfectly and the neckline was in the perfect place. But…it was an inch or so above my ankles and fit too snuggly to ignore the fact that I was just going to get bigger in the next few months. So, I tried the large. Perfect length, and a very comfy fit with an undershirt, and room for my belly to grow!
So, I bought two–this neutral colored one, and a pink, tan, and navy blue one for $15 each. I also bought a $3 undershirt and two $5 long-sleeved cardigans. I’m so happy!
It’s not maternity clothes, but it’s comfy and it’s cute, and I feel good in it! And isn’t that all that really matters? I have to say I am thankful for maxi dresses/skirts!
When did you start wearing maternity clothes? Did you like them?

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.


  1. That's exactly how I felt! I only bought one pair of maternity pants and I hated wearing them (also, if they weren't on clearance I wouldn't have purchased them). Instead I opted for buying larger clothes that were comfy and stretchy (but they also had to look cute!). Check Tj Maxx and Ross–usually they have a maternity sections and sometimes a clearance maternity section. Also, I bought several tops and bottoms at Gordman's (American Fork…also the Ross there is really good and not as picked over) that were stretchy and comfy. The bonus was that I wore them throughout my entire pregnancy and about a month afterwards. Bring on the maxi skirts, comfy shoes, and stretchy shirts. 🙂

  2. Hmmmm. . . I started maternity clothes around 17/18 weeks. I just needed maternity pants around that time. I could still wear almost all of my shirts. I think Old Navy is one of the best places for maternity, but I also just buy large in regular clothes and that will also work for most of the pregnancy.

  3. Aside from yoga pants and the hubby's t-shirts, I *lived* in Maxi dresses. They were the absolute best thing to dress a growing belly.
    You look adorable!

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