Discover September 2017 Goals

What will you discover this September with your goals? Ministry, organization, and being present.

After unintentionally not blogging for the first half of August, I decided to take a break for the entire month. Yes, I was still present in social media. However, I was intentionally trying to use it to grow myself. It felt nice to take a break. We were moving, I started going off my anti-depressant, and Evie started hardcore teething. So, I enjoyed just being in the present. …and sleeping. A lot of sleeping. Haha.

I’m ready to jump back into blogging. I have a lot of ideas. I mean, a ton of ideas. So many ideas that I now have the entire rest of the year planned out. But, here is a the weird thing. I missed blogging, and I’m glad to get back to it, but I’m not necessarily “excited” about it? I love blogging, but I don’t have such a huge burning passion for it? It’s weird to describe.

But, here we go!

What will you discover this September with your goals? Ministry, organization, and being present.

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Evelyn | Eight Months

Dear Evelyn Morgan,

Evelyn is now 8 months old. She is cruising, shadowing her big brother, teething terribly, and is still the happiest girl alive (when we're not trying to put her down for bed).

It’s finally happened–second child mommy syndrome. I’m getting this post out a week after you turned 8 months. But, we’ve been in the middle of a lot of transitions this week. You are hard-core teething, we moved, and both you and Rhys have suffered some sleep regression because of that change. But, things are finally getting settled and back into a routine now.

You still have major separation anxiety. Rhys is still your whole world. And everyone still absolutely adores you and always comments in public on how cute you are. I have to agree with them. Continue Reading

5th Anniversary

Dear Justin,

Can you believe it? We have been married for five whole years. Five! That’s a little less than 1/5 of our lives! The first few months of our marriage seem so distant and far away and long ago. Yet, I can remember them with clarity.

We have been through so much in these short five years: trials, obstacles, financial woes, adventures, health issues, fights, cuddles, vacations, children, moving, losing jobs, finding jobs. We still have a lot of things we work on and a lot of things we fail when it comes to marriage. But, we are perfect for each other. We are poor when it comes to keeping goals but we make them together. We have so much fun together, but some nights are the boring lull of parenthood. Yet, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Continue Reading

Fun DIY Projects with All-New Tai Pei Single Serving Frozen Dinners

Tai Pei's all new infused flavors and new packaging not only make dinner a delicious snap, but also is perfect for DIY projects!

**This post was sponsored by Tai Pei and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.**

For as much as Justin and I love to cook, there are many days that it just doesn’t happen. I have a down day physically and mentally, Justin gets home from work, kids are ornery, we have plans to go out quickly, the house is a mess and there aren’t any clean cookware or dishes, we are out of groceries, or we just plain don’t feel like cooking. One those days, we typically have frozen pizzas, waffles, or cereal…or….we spend money on take-out. BLECH. It gets real old real fast. But, we don’t like a lot of frozen dinners. We think they are gross and way overpriced. Enter…Tai Pei single serving Asian-inspired frozen dinners!

I grew up with Tai Pei frozen single serving dinners. My dad loves them and takes them to work with him all the time. In college, I’d get them all the time. I remember my first year married to Justin, they were always on sell for $2 or less. So, we’d grab them for work lunches too. It was so nice to have Chinese rather than a boring sandwich or hummus and veggies. They were also in iconic Chinese take-out boxes. But, now they’ve done some major upgrades.

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Tai Pei's all new infused flavors and new packaging not only make dinner a delicious snap, but also is perfect for DIY projects! Continue Reading

Reading Roundup | July 2017

Holy cow I read a lot this month. I don’t know if you noticed, but I didn’t post a Reading Roundup last month–I didn’t read a single book during the month of June…well, no. I read one book but didn’t finish it in time. But this month, I read quite a bit. Granted, I read a lot of very easy 5th-grade level YA books. But, that’s because I’m desperately trying to finish reading all my classroom books before we move in a few weeks so I can pack them all up!

Reading Roundup Book Reviews on Adulthood is Hard, Blink, Esio Trot, the Magic Finger, White Fang, Little Women, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Continue Reading