Project Runway

My 13 year old sister, Paige, and I share something huge in common: we both love the show Project Runway!
I have been watching Project Runway for about 4 years now and I absolutely love it! I have come to know Michael Kohrs and his personality (and his watches, which I want one soooooo badly), Nina Garcia and her sharp eye, and Heidi Klum with all her cuteness, bubbliness, and optimism. (I love that she is one of the judges for America’s Got Talent, now). I also love watching the runway–seeing all the new and interesting designs that are made during each challenge. The unconventional challenges, when they are to use something other than fabric to create a garment, is my favorite.
Paige has been watching a few seasons as well. She is a lot more of a fashionista than I am, but I am glad that we can share the same enthusiasm for this show.
The season 12 premiere was this Thursday, so after Justin and I got off work, we headed up to Farmington to I could watch it with Paige! But first, we had a couple of fun things planned.
Not the most flattering picture of me. Any professional photographer  want to volunteer to follow me around every day for free, taking pictures of me?
We got dressed up and went to H&M. I had ever been before. My sister Madison went to the grand opening of it and was thrown jewelry as well as other free and promotional items. She has since then, taken young Paige numerous times. So, I was excited to go myself. However, when we got there and I looked around…most of it just wasn’t my style. I hardly liked anything they had there. Although I did end up getting a cute blue knee length dress. Paige on the other hand, had a pile of 15 hangers to try on. She only had a budget of $25, but every rack she scoured and claimed she “how cute!” Her only problem was size. She is 13, but very petite and can barely fit into size 0 or 2. But she found a few cute outfits as well. We also had me try on some not-plain pants. 
I still don’t know how I feel about them–I didn’t buy them, and I can’t decide if I like how I look in strange pants…
When we got home, we quickly made my husband and brother some dinner and then we settled in to watch the Season Premiere. We were surprised to learn that Kate, from the previous season was welcomed back as a contestant–that has never happened before. We were also excited to participate in the new voting. After she got home, Madison joined us halfway through.
We were shocked at two of the outfits going down the runway. Sandro’s with his horrible below-the-border wardrobe malfunction and Timothy’s very artsy-fartsy “holistic” conceptual “performance.” I felt sorry for all he was putting his model though! And, in the end, to see that Angela got kicked off rather than Sandro or Timothy was a big shock!
Well, after we watched the season premier, I pulled out a gift for Paige….
We were going to play Project Runway ourselves on the Wii!!!!! And, I’m not gonna lie–I was also pretty excited about this! The three girls all took turns. First, you receive a “recipe” for the challenge–minimum requirements for the outfit. Then, you can create it and add to it. The same goes for makeup and hair. Oh, and you are timed as you do this (like in the show!). Then, you can be the model as well, using the Wii Fitness Board, to walk down the catwalk and pose. You get scored on that as well. It was hilarious to see all 3 of us girls using the Wii Fitness Board.
Because we took the Wii and the TV, my brother and husband were banished to the corner table to play the video game they always without fail play when we come to visit.
It was a very fun, fashion filled night. So fun, we didn’t leave Farmington till about 11:30 pm, which means, we got home at about 1AM! But, it was a great night.

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.


  1. I used to watch Project Runway years ago. We're talking when it was still on Bravo. I haven't seen it since it switched to Lifetime. I can't imagine all the crazy outfits that have been on since then!

  2. What fun! Every once in awhile I'll watch PR, and I love the challenges as well.
    Those pants look great on you!! I think you should go back and get them. 🙂

    1. I'm still not sure about the pants…and I have to actually think about my wardrobe now as the charter school I teach at is a little conservative with teacher fashion. I don't think I could get away with those pants…now, if they were tights I was wearing…

  3. I LOVE Project Runway too! It's one of my favorite shows. I'm watching it on Hulu, so please don't give out any spoiler alerts! (or at least give a warning if you do 🙂

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