Quoth Macbeth: More Students Write the Darndest Things Linkup

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Yaay! Another round of Students Write the Darndest Things!
The rules:
Mention your name and your blog. What subject and age/grade you teach. What assignment these “quotes” are from.
Write down funny, silly, “no-duh”, wonderful, inspiring, deep things your students say. Don’t use any student names. It doesn’t have to be long at all. There can be any number of quotes!Link up is every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month. If you are interested in co-hosting, let me know!
Students Write the Darndest Things
Students Write the Darndest Things


My ninth graders were working on a Latin Roots worksheet.
One student: “How did you get so many already?”
The other: “Cuz I’m smart.”

9th Graders also just finished Lord of the Flies, so I asked them to write what they think will happen to Ralph, Jack, Roger, and the littluns. Here are some of their responses:
“Roger might need to be seen by doctors to see if his head is ok”
“Roger should be put in a mentally insane place until proven to be able to interact with people normally”
“Ralph will probably get interviewed. This is because he was the leader and would have received more media attention.”
“Roger doesn’t deserve anything good. He was evil, and mean to other children.”
You can tell which character my students hated…..


My 7th graders are on their poetry unit. Monday, we talked about free verse and modernist poems. They were to write one themselves. I told them it couldn’t have flowery language, had to be vague and about a simple, every day thing. I mentioned (half-jokingly) that eating a sandwich could be such a  topic. Well, one rose to that challenge:
“Sandwich by ….
Layers of food
No one can top it.
Lettuce has flavor galore.
Bacon sizzling and crunchy.
Ranch creamy and gooey
Bread white and soft
Put it all together and you get a nice BLR sandwich.”


My 8th graders have been reading Macbeth, one of my favorite Shakespeare plays ever! 
Lately we have discussed the concept of “born without woman” (surgery, premature birth, C-section, etc).  I was reviewing this concept with my students, asking them what it meant. 
The answer: “They come from the Doctor” (the student understood the concept, just got his words jumbled up). Another student saw the opportune moment to make the class laugh and said, “That’s why Doctors always say ‘push!'” Had me rolling!
I also had them write what Lady Macbeth wrote before she went sleepwalking (Lady Macbeth wrote, sealed it up, and put it away). They could write a letter to someone or as a journal entry. One student wrote Lady Macbeth’s letter as if to Duncan: “When I went into your room that night I was pumped I wanted to do it [kill Duncan] sooooooooo…..bad.”
I also had them write soliloquy’s imitating Macbeth’s “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow.”
1) life is like a book and you are the author
of it. you decide how it ends
2) life is like having a bandaid ripped off
3) life is a green light with a stop sign ahead
4) life is a christmas day that is joyful but ends very soon
I love my students’ creativity!


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