Random Thoughts of Procrastination

To make me feel less guilty of writing this post (especially when one is scheduled for 12 hours from now) when I have lesson planning to do, including a new UNIT PLAN for a novel I START ON THURSDAY, here is a “Outfit of the Day” picture of me!
~ Not that I’m on there yet, I’m too tiny a blog still, but really, why would anyone spend there time tearing down someone’s blog on Get Off My Internets, or any other site?. Why are people mean just for the sake of getting attention?
~ One of my male colleagues, who just had his first grandchild born the last month, said I had a really cute tummy forming (he knows I’m pregnant) and that made me smile.
~ There are some days I want to quit being a teacher and devote my time to my blog to grow it as well as becoming the house-wife I want to be and not have to wait till June to do so.
~ For the first time ever in my life, I’ve been considering working part-time as a mom, and that scares me. Not because I want it, but because my life-plan that was 24 years in the making, is crumbling, and to a Type A personality, that is a trial.
~ I want to blame pregnancy for my lack of motivation to do my lesson planning. I also want to blame the high and strict expectations put on the English teachers. I don’t see this strictness on the other junior high teachers.
~ I want to go running, but I just don’t have the time. With the warm weather starting up again, I see people running, and my body yearns to be out there, pumping as well.
~ I am sick and tired of being exhausted all the time.
~ I’ve had less breakdowns recently (maybe I’m finally getting control of pregnancy hormones?) but, I’ve felt more like a subtle bi-polar-ness take over. One hour, I’ll feel like I can tackle anything and everything on my plate, the next hour, all I’ll want to do is watch netflix, read blogs, and day-dream and feel a little sorry for myself.
~ I really, really hope Justin gets a good paying job when he graduates in April. I actually have a minimum wage I’m hoping for, which is pretty reasonable with his education. I also really, really hope it’s in Utah, which surprises me because I never thought I’d actually want to live in Utah past college. I sort of hate myself for wanting that, but I want to be close to his and my family.
~ I miss hanging with friends. This is Justin’s last semester, so he’s super busy, and being a pregnant teacher who teaches 45 minutes away eats a lot of time.
~ As always, I worry about finances. This summer, we’ll have baby finances, a move and a house/townhome/condo to pay for, car payments, and other adult finances.
~ I don’t like coming home to an empty house since my husband is either at dance class or work.
~ I don’t understand how this post on My Personal Pensieve got 1000+ likes on Stumbleupon.com and has made my page views soar from an average of 180 a day to 400 page views two days ago to 800 page views yesterday to over 1000 page views today, but still not gain any followers.
~ Justin was finally able to feel Rhys kick last night. That made me so happy that Justin could share experiencing the pregnancy with me. His smile and surprise at the kick almost made me cry. I’m already watery-eyed when he is tender with our unborn son.
~ I really want to skip forward to this summer to stop all the uncertainty about jobs and movings, but mainly, because I want to hold our son in my arms.
~ I am really nervous about state writing testing for my students–for those of you who are Utah teachers, the SAGE testing. Now, my students are smart and know how to write, but the whole hooplah over the SAGE testing, especially the hooplah our department head/writing curriculum director is making over it is freaking me out. Also, the fact that I’ve never had to help practice, proctor, and supervise state testing before.
~ I’m already ready for another weekend.

~ Also, I absolutely love the song “A Thousand Years” and think it is so gorgeous and beautiful, but hate the fact that it is the Theme/Credit song for a Twilight movie.

~ I published this post about 3 times, then edited it to add more. Hopefully, I’m satisfied now.

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.


  1. People on GOMI probably have too much time on their hands! I have of course been on the site before but I probably won't go again, because in spite of my common sense I probably would be a little sad if I saw my blog there. And NOT worrying about finances is a challenging thing to do. I know that our life is on a path to becoming much less certain, but choosing to be comfortable with every part of that is a process, not easy to do all at once!

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