Reading Roundup | Jan 2017

Book reviews for Saints at Devil's Gate and Love Me True.

It’s a new year. I know a lot of bloggers have a list of books they want to read, already. I do too. It’s called, “all the books on my bookshelf that I own and have never read yet.” That was basically the same plan for last year, too. But, I love to include a library book now and then, or a book from Blogging for Books. I’ve even done some book reviews for Cedar Forts Publishing, which is a Mormon-owned (not Church-owned) publishing company. This month, I was actually contacted by the author or publisher of both books I read for Reading Roundup.

Book reviews for Saints at Devil's Gate and Love Me True.

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Saints at Devil’s Gate: Landscapes Along the Mormon Trail

Book review for Saints at Devil's Gate, an art gallery for the LDS Church History Museum about the Mormon/Pioneer Trail

*I received a copy of this book for free from the LDS Church Historian’s Press in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Can you believe it!?!?! A small blogger like me, Mormon or not, got contacted by the editorial manager of the LDS Church Historian’s Press to review a book!?!? I was so honored!

This book actually coincides with a temporary art gallery at the LDS Church History Museum in Salt Lake City, Utah from November 2016-August 2017. The gallery is full of oil paintings by four artists who traveled the Mormon Trail portion of the Oregon Trail. They were inspired by the beauty of the landscape from Independence, Missouri to Salt Lake Valley, Utah. With each painting, they paired quotes from pioneers’ personal journals or reflections to give a voice to the landscapes.

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Book review for Saints at Devil's Gate, an art gallery for the LDS Church History Museum about the Mormon/Pioneer Trail

I absolutely loved this book. All the paintings are stunning–I would stare at them for a long time each before reading the quotes. I loved that each painting told us exactly where on the trail it was representing. The quotes held a wide range of feelings that the Mormon pioneers had for the trail: joy, hope, adventure, awestruck, sad, scared, distraught, etc. It really brought the landscapes to life.

The book also has an article from the Church History Museum’s curator and historian to give more depth to the project. At the end of the book is an interview with the artists of the project and what inspired them and how they connected with their heritage through the project.

I am so glad I got this book, because since I now live in Texas, I can’t visit the Church History Museum. But for those of you in Utah, I would definitely go visit this gallery–it’s free! (The whole museum is free.) The gallery is also available online to view. You can also purchase the book at the Museum gift shop, or online at the LDS Store. It’s not available on Amazon or Deseret Book stores.

Love Me True by Joseph B Whiting

Book review for marriage support book: Love Me True

* I received a copy of this book from Cedar Forts Publishing for free in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

There are numerous ways we lie in our relationships: blatantly, withholding details, deceiving ourselves, prejudices, judgments, and many more. This book looks at the different ways that we deceive our significant other and discusses the consequences and effects of it, as well as ways to fix it. Whiting goes into depth of showing why we deceive all these different ways–what the underlying factor is. It makes a lot of sense! He also gives examples not only from his own experience as a marriage therapist, but also different studies done by him and other professionals and specialists. I thought it was a great way to dive into how to make our marriage stronger since communication is sometimes one of our weaknesses. Sometimes, we don’t bring up flaws or mistakes or our own personal issues because we don’t want to worry or offend our spouse. However, according to Whiting, that is one of the ways that we deceive–withholding information isn’t being open and honest. I never really thought of it that way. He even mentions how we deceive ourselves about our spouse when we are dismissive, sarcastic, or teasing our spouses. We set up an untrue perception of them that then festers and grows subconsciously.

I really enjoyed reading this book–I hardly put it down (which was still a lot of times since I have a toddler and a newborn!). However, there were a few things that I didn’t necessarily like. The format seemed a little squished too me–there wasn’t enough white space, and it just seemed a bit jumbled. Also, sometimes Whiting rambled a bit before getting to his point and solution. For marriage books, I like more of problem/example/solution formats. But, it seemed that sometimes, Whiting focused more on the problems and examples rather than the solutions. He was definitely very interested in the examples he gave. He also sometimes tried to add in humor, but it seemed a little forced a few times.

But, I would definitely recommend it to anyone trying to improve their relationship with their significant other.

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To find out more about the author, Dr. Jason B. Whiting, visit his website.

You can purchase the book here: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Books and Things

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  • Ashley Ziegler

    I have so many books I want to read! 🙁

    • It’ll be a fun year for you then!

  • So I’m totally joining Blogging for Books!

    That book of paintings is so cool! So much history and beauty!

    The whole concept of “Love Me True” is interesting to me. I have a big problem with holding things back that I think will start a fight or make Pearson mad. But I feel like I might just get frustrated if there’s not a lot of solutions.

    • I’d definitely recommend it! It’s totally taking it from a secular point of view, so it can apply to everyone!

  • Ann

    We have books but not that many to read. I love that painting book it’s beautiful.

    • I love the book so much and find myself flipping through it a lot, even though I’ve already read it through!

  • Ooh Love Me True sounds very interesting! 🙂 Katie x

  • Love Me True looks interesting but it would seem the author had some trouble making his book more down-to-earth. It’s good you still found nuggets of wisdom from his experiences 🙂

    • He’s definitely more of a therapist than an author.