Rhys is 11 Months Old

Dear Rhys Michael,

Momma is so excited! Yesterday was her last day of work, and now she gets to spend all day, every day with you! We are going to have so much fun exploring and playing and learning this year!

We went to the pool last weekend. It was perfect weather in the morning, but after we got there, it got cloudy, windy, and a little chilly. You enjoyed the water, but is was a tad to bit chilly for you, so we only stayed about 20 minutes.

Weight: 19.8 lbs, 33rd percentile (10 months: 19 lbs, 29th percentile)

Height: 29.5 inches, 56th percentile (10 months: 28.5 inches, 35th percentile)
Nicknames: Rhysie-Piecy, Buddy, Bucky

Eating and Teething
You have an average of 3 bottles a day, 6 ounces in the morning and evening and 4 ounces for at least one nap. For meals, you eat about half baby food and half real food. However, with the amount of teething that you have been doing, you have been quite the picky and fussy eater the past few weeks.

Your favorite foods:
– applesauce, especially the self-squeezed pouches
– chicken corn chowder casserole
– strawberries
– fruit smoothies
– popsicles
– cheese
– oranges
– graham crackers

You have both your two top front teeth. Your bottom right tooth has broken through and the left one is getting pretty close.

Daytime: You wake up anywhere between 5:00-7:30AM. If you wake up before 6;30, we try to let you fall back asleep via Ferberizing, but it doesn’t always work. You take two naps about an hour each. We give you a bottle, rock you a little, and then put you in your crib. It typically takes about 5 minutes for your to go to sleep.
Nighttime: You go to bed around 7:30. We have separated the last bottle from putting you to sleep. After you finish your bottle, we put you in your crib, and you typically go right to sleep. Lately, (we think because of your teething) you wake up once or twice. We wait 15 minutes, put back in your pacy, and typically you’ll fall back asleep.

Relationships and Socializing
You love Momma and Daddy and love to crawl on us, sit on our lap, cuddle with us, and play with us. You also love both sets of grandparents and give them lots of kisses while Facetiming them. You absolutely adore Aunt Maddie who has been babysitting you the past few months. You are beginning to share with Big Beary, as well as everyone else. You are also getting the hang of waving. Momma also loves that you enjoy helping. It is a game to you to pull things out of the dishwasher, throw laundry in the washer, and put your toys in the bathtub, then throw them back in their basket after.

Milestones hit at 10 months:
– “Hi”, “Nom” (yummy)
– Understands “no”, “where is”, “go get”, “come here”, “put it here”
– Standing unaided
– Throwing, stacking, peekaboo, high-5’s

Talking and Communicating
You grunt and point with your whole hand when you want something. You’ll do this for food, a toy, to be put somewhere, or pointing at the door to go outside. You love saying “dadadadada”, but you are just experimenting with your noises. You can’t clap, but when you’re excited, you’ll pound on your chest with an open palm.

You are walking without help! And you can stand up on your own! We are so very proud of you. You just walk all over the place now. You love to kick your balls, as well, and squeal as they move. You can also go up and down the stairs on all fours by yourself.

Playing and Problem Solving
You can do your stacking rings perfectly by yourself. You love trying to stack your cups and blocks. The car play area is your favorite thing now. You open the door, walk in, close the door, and sit down. You then play with all the buttons and put things in the trunk. You love putting things in boxes and taking them out again. You have figured out that brooms are used to sweep the floor and try your hardest to try and help Momma sweep. You also have observed so well that you try to buckle your seatbelts, as well as try to put your shoes and your socks on. You also love to open and close doors and peek around them.

You are typically a very happy boy or quiet and very observant. However, it is now very apparent when you don’t like or want to do something. You definitely have your own opinions.
– walking
– kicking balls
– car play area
– stroller
– outside
– climbing furniture
– Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Curious George
– staying still
– eating
– Momma checking your gums and teeth
You are the apple of our eyes, our joy, our whole world. We are amazed at how much you are learning and growing and we are proud of your accomplishments every day. We want to praise you and teach you well enough to be proud of yourself. You are becoming a very good, happy, curious toddler and we can’t wait!
Momma and Daddy

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  1. Rhysie-Piecy, oh my goodness, love that. Is that a new-ish nick name? So cute.

    WOOHOO for pool trips. Hopefully you'll have warmer weather to enjoy the water for longer.
    And gosh, he is Justin's mini-me!
    Happy 11 Months to Rhys!

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