Rhys is Four Months Old!

Dear Rhys Michael,
It seems like just last week I was writing your three month update! Boy does the time fly when you are having fun being a mom!

You had another illness. Momma got sick a few weeks ago–either a sinus infection or a cold. Then, a few days later, you caught it. You had quite the stuffy, and sometimes runny, nose. You also were wheezing quite a bit. But, we caught on quick. We made sure you had plenty of fluids, you were wrapped up nice and warm all the time, gave you doses of baby Tylenol, and you had a humidifier on for all your naps and bedtime. However, one day, you almost lost your voice and were very fussy and clingy. So, Momma took you back to the pediatrician. They were astounded with how you were able to hold your head up so well and the other milestones you had reached. They were a little worried about your weight gain…since the last time we were there (almost 3 months), you had only gained .2 pounds! But, they said you had an upper respiratory viral infection and were powering through it like a champ! A few days later, you were your normal self. Thankfully, your bedtime sleep wasn’t affected very much (Momma’s, however, was because of her cold!).

Weight: 12.6 lbs (3 months: 12.2 lbs)
Height: 24.75 inches (3 months: 24 inches)
Nicknames: Bucky, little stinker

You have been nursing less and less. Either you are distracted (no matter where Momma feeds you and no matter what position!), or you are hangry and don’t want to work for the milk. Most of the time, it’s a screaming fit and a fight for you if I try to make you nurse. So, more and more, we have been giving you bottles. Momma tries to pump for every nursing that you refuse, and has taken fenugreek pills a few weeks and tried not to use birth control (as it stunts milk production), but it’s been hard to keep up with pumping demand. This past weekend, out of 3 days’ worth of feedings, you only wanted to nurse once! So, Momma made the hard decision of deciding to just stick with formula, and try to nurse you only when you first wake up in the morning (if you are willing), until her supply is depleted.

You have become very aware of food! You want to hold your own bottle, and can mostly do it for a little bit at a time. You also see Momma’s water bottles and try to reach for them. You watch Momma and Daddy eat their meals and sometimes try to reach for it. You’ve had licks of popsicles and have gone crazy with excitement over the flavor. You also tried your first rice cereal this week and loved it, although you weren’t really sure on how to use your mouth to eat it.

Daytime: You are sleeping less during the day. Around 8:15 AM you will sleep until about 9-9:30AM. Sometimes you will fall asleep on our way to your babysitter’s, around 11, but really, it’s anywhere between 11-12. This is typically your longest nap, and you’ll sleep until 1:30-2, then your babysitter will feed you. Then, you typically get a 30-45 minute nap around 2:30 before all her kids come home from school. Then, when Momma picks you up, you sleep on the ride home from about 3:40-4:20. We try to keep you from sleeping more than an hour at 5:30, as we have moved your bedtime routine down to start at 7:15. About half the time you’ll sleep in your crib, and half the time you’ll sleep in Momma’s bed.

Nighttime: We start your bedtime routine at 7:15. We give you a bath, lotion you up, pj’s, story time, swaddle and last minute cuddles with Daddy, then a bottle. Momma will rock you for less than 5 minutes after you finish the bottle and put you in your crib, with your lovey next to you and a fan blowing on high in the opposite corner. Recently, Momma’s been putting you in your crib with your eyes partially open, and you’ll finish putting yourself to sleep. If you get fussy between then and 10:30, Momma and Daddy use the 5 minute pause before going up to give you back your pacy. Most of the time, you fall back asleep on your own. When Momma and Daddy go to bed, we give a big bottle of milk to try and hold you over. You typically sleep until between 3-5AM. You don’t need to be fed anymore in the middle of the night! We try to give you your pacy, and sometimes you’ll fall back asleep, but most of the time, we have to resort to bringing you into bed with us. Since Daddy has started his 7AM job, sometimes you’ll wake up in our bed between 6-6:30. Momma will try to get you to go back to sleep, but she isn’t always successful. However, the past week or so, you’ve been waking up about 3 times a night again (for less than 5 minutes each if we give you your pacy again), and Momma and Grandma think you are having a sleep regression.

You love your Momma and Daddy. You’ve definitely started to show some signs of being a Momma’s boy, but you also love to follow your Daddy around with your eyes. You always get excited if I mention going to Grandma’s house. We’re pretty sure you recognize her name, as well as your babysitter’s. You are a very talkative, social boy. You’ll jabber and jabber and jabber. You’ll even jabber with your toys or to yourself. You’ve also discovered yourself in the mirror and smile, then try to grab your reflection.

Milestones hit at 3 months:
– Inchworming
– Focusing and finding objects and noises
– Smiling during conversations
– Trying to grab a toy
– Grabbing your feet
– Holding your hands together

Tummy Time: You are inch worming across the floor! You can scoot like an inchworm towards a toy. You always grunt as you do it, and love to do it. But, you have a really hard time changing your direction. So, if you run into the couch, you’ll keep trying to go through the couch! Sometimes, you’ll get frustrated and forget that you can just roll over onto your back. You are also trying really hard to roll onto your stomach from your back. Yesterday, you were finally successful and did it about 4 times! Then, in your sleep last night, still swaddled, you rolled over onto your stomach and spat-up. You couldn’t move because of the swaddling and you freaked out a lot. Poor boy.

Focusing and Tracking: If you see a toy you want while on your stomach, you’ll head for it. You can grab a toy and pull it to you. You have been practicing a lot with your pacy. Momma will hold your pacy out, and you’ll grab the sides and try to put it in your mouth. About 80% of the time, you are successful. The rest, you either get the sides or the back into your mouth. You also like to take your pacy out of the your mouth! We’ve also started to read to you, and you look at the pictures and try to touch some of them. We want to get you a few texture books for that very purpose! You are very interested in the faucet of the sink we give you baths in. You are always trying to grab at it. We just hope you don’t accidentally pull either handle and shock yourself with hot or cold water.

Arms and Legs: You are practicing using your fingers more and more to grab things. Your legs and feet are some of your favorite toys, and as such, you have a few cuts and scratches on them now. You love to have Momma and Daddy help you stand up. You also love to have them help you sit up.

Other Experiences
You had your first trunk-or-treat. You were so interested in watching everyone pass and you sat so calmly in your seat in the trunk.

When Momma and you were both sick and stuffed up, Momma decided to bring you into a steamy shower with her (the water wasn’t piping hot). You thought the feeling of the water hitting different parts of your body was so interesting. You didn’t even mind it hitting your head and running down your face! It was so cute when you tried to grab at the falling water.

You’ve finally discovered Grandma’s puppies! They love you and always are so excited to sniff you and lick you all over. But now, you are tracking them as they move around. You lick your lips after they lick you. You even try to grab at them and sometimes can get a fistfull of fur. One time, you even accidentally grabbed Tucker’s privates. His eyes opened wide and he ran away. But then, he came back and licked you as if to say, “It’s ok, I’m not mad. I still love you and forgive you.”

You are definitely a cuddler, and a Momma’s boy. But, you are getting more complacent about playing with yourself. You are such an explorer. You love to scoot around and want to grab at everything, especially if Momma is holding it! You are also very independent–you want to hold your own bottle, you want to hold your own toy, you don’t want to cuddle sometimes because you’d prefer to look around.

– eating new foods
– your pacy
– your toys
– bathtime
– showers
– cuddling with Momma before dawn
– talking
– peek a boo
– The Itsy Bitsy Spider
– when Momma sings to you

– going down for naps
– nursing
– loud noises
– being burped in the middle of a feeding
– when we are out of your sight

We are astounded at how much you’ve learned and discovered this month. Momma would be a bit more worried about your weight gain, but seeing how alert you are and how many milestones you’ve hit early relieves some of that fear. Grandma believes you will be walking by 10 months and Aunt Rachel (a lactation specialist) thinks it’ll happen by 7 months! Holy cow! We shall see! you still need to perfect rolling onto your stomach, crawl, and sit! We are excited to keep feeding you rice cereal and introduce new foods to you as well!

You are such a smart boy and Momma and Daddy love you to the depths of our hearts and souls!

Love, Momma and Daddy

Check out this astounding-looking girl!

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  1. What a cutie! It's awesome that you were able to give him mommy's milk for this long 🙂 there is nothing better than that! Don't worry too much about weight. As long as he is happy, having plenty of wet diapers, and hitting milestones, he is growing as fast as he needs to. Emi has always been on the small side of the scale especially since she stared walking 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, four months already?!!
    I love the nicknames. So cute!! How did Bucky come about?
    Happy 4 Months, Rhys!

  3. Hahaha. Well, the first onesie he wore had a monkey on it, and even from the beginning he'd try to crawl up us, so we started to call him our little monkey. Then, Justin wanted to call him Bud, cuz that's what he was called as kid. One day, Justin ended up saying both at the same time and it came out Bucky and it just stuck.

  4. Awwww, what a handsome little man, he is 🙂 And he has the best facial expressions. Adorable. Sounds like you are having a ball with him–happy four months, little man! Karen from a Peak at Karen's World sent me and so very glad that she did. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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