Rhys is Three Months Old!

Dear Rhys Michael,
This month has gone by so fast and so many things have happened. Daddy has a full-time job now, working from 7-3, and you have a permanent babysitter (one of my co-worker’s friends!).

You’ve had your first (we believe) cold last week. You were fussier than usual, it seemed like you had a sore throat because you would only feed for a minute or two, then pull away. You also woke up a lot more through the night last week. We took you to the pediatrician because we were sure it was the onset of an ear infection. They said you had plenty of ear wax and couldn’t really see much of your ear canal, but what they did see wasn’t that pink. They also said you may have been stuffed up far back in your nasal passage, but it wasn’t an ear infection–most likely, it was a virus (which is mom’s fault for leaving your window open when it was raining–the noise helped you sleep, but the cold breeze probably got you sick). But, you are feeling much better the past few days!

Weight: 12.2 pounds (2 months: 11 pounds)
Length: 25 inches (2 months: 24 inches)
Nicknames: Bucky (“Buckmeister”, “pass the Buck”) and Baby Boy

You eat every 3-3.5 hours. You have a bottle for your 1pm feedings at your babysitter’s. You have also started some formula. Momma was running out of pre-pumped milk and due to your sore throat last week, nursing was hard on you. So, we bought some formula because drinking from a bottle is easier on you than nursing. You easily take the formula. Now, you mostly breastfeed, but some feedings, if momma doesn’t think you had enough milk, and on some fussy nights, you take formula.

Daytime: You are doing so much better with your daytime naps! You still take four: 8:15ish, 11:15ish, 2:30ish, and 5:00ish. (You also fall asleep on momma’s lap at about 8:45PM until 10:30, but starting this week, we’re gonna start doing your bedtime routine before that instead of after, and try to put you in bed.) However, Momma has to lay down with you on her bed and sing “Ar Hyd Y Nos” until you fall asleep. Then, within ten minutes, she’ll sneak away and you’ll take your nap in the middle of her bed. Over this past weekend, we’ve done that routine, but Momma was able to sneak you into your own crib. Momma has also put a few blankets under your crib mattress to help you sleep longer with your stuffy nose, and it worked–at least, during the daytime!

Nighttime: For most of the month, we’d do the bedtime routine with you anywhere between 10-10:30, so you’d always be dead asleep in your crib by 11. Then, you’d wake up anywhere between 3AM-5AM. I’d feed you, then you’d fall back asleep until somewhere between 5-6:30AM, so we’d pull you into bed with us. Momma does love cuddling you, even if you are bringing back her tendinitis. However, this past week, because of your viral cold, you’ve been having terrible nights, which is hard since both Momma and Daddy are working now. You’d wake up at 1AM, then 3AM, then 5AM and can’t be consoled unless Momma feeds you or just holds you–even patting and ssshing you doesn’t work if you’re in your crib. It’s been rough. We’ve tried all the tricks in the book: white noise, swaddling, not swaddling, a piece of Momma’s clothing, a 5 ounce bottle of formula, the pacy, the mobile, patting on the back, the 5 S’s. We’re praying you’ll go back to your 3AM wake up only prety soon! We’re gonna try a lovey with Momma’s scent on it. You’ve napped and cuddled with it all weekend, so hopefully it’ll help you sleep at night, too.

You definitely love Momma and Daddy. They are your favorite people. When Momma and Daddy are next to each other, your eyes go back and forth,back and forth between us.You enjoy your babysitter and are a good boy for her. You adore your Grandma and are a very good boy for her and you love to cuddle her.

Month 2 Milestones hit:
– Lifting head up 90* and lifting up chest
– Rolling on to your back
– Finding the noise being made
– Tracking an object 180*
– Social Cooing
– Sucking on your fist

Tummy Time: Momma is so happy you enjoy tummy time. When placed on your tummy, you immediately raise your head up and look around. You’ll talk with Momma on your tummy and roll over. Sometimes, while on your back, you’ll lean so far over, you almost roll onto your tummy, but you never follow through. Over this weekend, you started figuring out how to use your legs. You’ve started to inchworm toward your toys! You are mobile!

Focusing and Tracking: We’ve practiced tracking a lot with you. You can follow anything once you have it in your sights: noisy toys, quiet toys, your pacy, food that Momma is eating…anything. You also turn and find noises! You have found yourself in the mirror and smile the whole time. You’ve recently tried to touch your reflection.

Noises and Talking: You are super talkative, especially right after you have eaten. It is one of your favorite things to do now! You are getting really good at elongating your vowels and practicing your consonants. You also like to practice talking at different volumes. When Momma or Daddy talk back with you, you always smile and talk more.

Arms and Legs: You like to hold your own hands. You also try to fit your entire fist in your mouth! You’ve also discovered your feet. Grabbing your toes, ankles, and pant legs are your new exercise. You’re also getting better at purposefully opening your hand and grabbing a toy!

You are a very social boy, not only with your family, but also with your toys, or even just with yourself! However, you are becoming a bit more fussy at times. But, you are getting easier to read when you are tired, hungry, or happy. You are very smart and are learning super fast–you understand that bathtime is good and enjoyable, as is lotion time. You understand that when you and Momma cuddle on the bed under a blanket, it’s time to go to sleep. Momma truly believes that your Love Language is Physical Touch.

cuddling with Momma or Daddy
– sitting in your Bumbo chair, on Momma’s lap, or with Momma’s help, or trying to sit up on your own (looks like you are doing crunches)
– tummy time
– your pacy
– bathtime
– games and toys

– being alone
– being hungry
– being sick
– being burped (it interrupts eating!)
– going on early morning runs with Momma

You are getting so big! Momma can’t even believe it! She sees younger babies than you and sees how small and how much like a newborn they look, and then Momma looks at you and thinks you are such a big boy. Momma loves your auburn hair, but wishes there was more there already. She also absolutely loves your Morrell ice-blue eyes and hopes you keep them. You smile so brightly with those eyes that they sparkle! Next month will be a doozy! You’ll probably start eating rice cereal and Momma may try some Cry-It-Out/No-Cry sleep training next month if you don’t get back to your 3AM only wake up. It’s really putting a strain on Momma and Daddy while they work. But, we love you anyway and really miss you during the middle of the day. We can’t wait till you get a little more cognitive ability to explore a bit more. We’re gonna have so much fun!

We love you so very much, Rhys!

Love, Momma and Daddy

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  1. Wow – those three months seemed to have flown by!
    Rhys has the most gorgeous blue eyes!!
    Happy 3 Months, Rhys!!

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