Rhys is Two Months!

Dear Rhys Michael,
This has been quite a busy month! Daddy finished college and has been interviewing everywhere, and Momma started teaching again, but only part-time. We have been amazed with your growth, not only your physical growth, but also your cognitive, motor, and social growth.

Weight: 11 lbs even (1 month: 9 lbs even)
Length: 24 inches (1 month: 21 inches)
Nicknames: Bucky and Baby

You still eat every 3-3.5 hours. At the beginning of the month, your average feed time was about 13 minutes, but it’s jumping up to about 17 minutes. You’re still very efficient, but I think you are able to suck more out. You have dropped from 8 feedings in a 24 hour period to 7 feedings. You still spit up a ton, but about 75% of the time, it doesn’t bother you and you smile after you burp and spit up. But, the 25% of time it does bother you, you only fuss for less than 5 minutes. You have started to take a bottle of my milk for your afternoon feeding because that’s when I work. We have found out you definitely do not like it when Momma eat broccoli.

Nighttime: For the past two and half weeks, you’ve been waking up between 2:00AM and 3:00AM, then waking up anywhere between 5 and 7. If you wake up at 5, it’s mostly because of gas, so Momma pulls you into bed with her and we cuddle and sleep until 7AM. We are so happy you’ve dropped down to only 1 night time feeding, all on your own!

Daytime: Your first nap happens at about 8:30 when Momma takes you running. But, you sleep less than a half an hour. Although you get tired in the morning, you have a hard time sleeping in the morning, at home or on the run. You’ve started to get into the bad habit of catnaps, anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour long. That’s not good because your daily total of sleep has been dropping. Momma doesn’t know what to do about it, nor does Daddy, who watches you when Momma is at work. You also typically take your evening nap (8:30ish-10pm) on Momma’s chest downstairs while she watches her shows with Daddy. If Momma moves, you wake up!

You definitely know who Momma and Daddy are. When Momma talks to you, you follow her around the room. You smile when you hear Momma’s voice and love to talk with her. You also love your Daddy and he’s very good at calming you down. You love to just stare at your Daddy. You even know Grandma and Grandpa. Once, we were playing and Grandma called, so I put her on speakerphone. You heard her voice and tried to look around to see her. But, when you couldn’t find her, you started to cry. You recently met PaPa and talked up a storm with him. This weekend, you are going to meet Grams and a bunch of other relatives this weekend when Daddy blesses you.

Month 1 Milestones hit:
– Lifting your head up 45* constantly and sometimes 90* while on your tummy
– Tracking a rattle, finding Momma’s voice
– Smiling
– Beginning to coo
– Putting weight on your legs, putting your hands together, grabbing your pacy in your mouth

Tummy Time: You are a pro at lifting your head up 90* and keeping it up. You can even look around a little. You rolled over for the first time at 6.5 weeks. Momma was getting ready to shower and Daddy was doing tummy time with you. He yelled for me to come in, but I missed it by a few seconds. Then, at 7.5 weeks (last week), Daddy was looking at his computer as Momma went into the kitchen and you rolled over again with us missing it! Then, on Thursday, August 29th, you rolled over twice for Momma! And, this week, you are rolling over more and more and more. We are so proud of you!

Focusing and Tracking: You love looking at Momma and Daddy. When Momma holds you up to the mirror, you look at Momma’s face. She’ll kiss your forehead a few times, then we’ll walk away. You’ll immediately look up to find my face to make sure I’m still holding you. You can easily track a noisemaker 180*. You also can track your monkey puppet, which we keep quiet. You’ve also started to notice things hanging above you. In your Moses Basket are a butterfly and a snail on a string. You love staring up at them, talking to them, and even trying to hit them. You’ll follow the mobile in your crib, as well. You also like to stare at the lights on the ceiling. You like it when Momma and Daddy hold you in a sitting position so you can look around. Sometimes you’ll want to know what Momma’s reading on her laptop, or what Daddy’s watching on TV and look at the screens for a few minutes. Momma’s a little leery about that because she doesn’t like parents who plop their infants in front of a TV all day long.

Noises and Talking: You are quite the conversationalist, especially in the morning! You love to chat with Momma, Daddy, and Mrs. Butterfly and Mr. Snail who hang at the top of your Moses Basket. You make one happy, sighing coo that really, really, really sounds like you are saying, “Hi.” You are starting to make two syllable (albeit both vowel) sounds. You also love it when Momma copies what you say–you smile, have an inhaling gasp of a laugh, then say something else.

Arms and Legs: You can easily put your fist in your mouth, and you love to suck on it! You also rub your eyes a lot. You’ve also started to grab onto Momma’s shirt as she feeds you and she absolutely loves it!

You are still a happy, content boy, but you are starting to get a bit more fussy, especially when eating and a little bit in the evening. But, that just means you are like most other babies, now. You are also quite the morning person. When you wake up, you are very patient waiting for Momma to get ready to feed you, and afterwards, you smile and talk up a storm!

-your pacy
-being upright
-tummy time (sometimes you’ll just lay there, content and comfy)
-when Momma sticks out her tongue and makes noises
-being swaddled

-when Momma eats broccoli
-being taken out of the bath and being cold
-gas (which you have a lot of)
-being sleepy
-squeakers…rattles are ok, but you don’t like the sound of a squak

And here is a blooper!

During teacher prep week, Momma was allowed to bring you with her, and everyone at Navigator Pointe Academy loves you and everyone wanted to hold you! You are one good looking boy! While Momma is at work from 11-4, Daddy watches you. You both are enjoying boy-time and getting to know each other better.

You are so big and smart. We love you and still think you are the most adorable thing on the planet!You watched your very first football game on TV with Daddy–Go BYU Cougars!! Also, tomorrow, you will go to your very first Comicon! You are going as Batman! We are excited! And on Sunday, you will be blessed!

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.


  1. 2 MONTHS!?! Oh shoot, I still have baby jammies to send you. What size is he in? I might have to send you the gray triangle outfit instead since I only make my jammies in 0-3 right now. . .

  2. 2 MONTHS!?! Oh shoot, I still have baby jammies to send you. What size is he in? I might have to send you the gray triangle outfit instead since I only make my jammies in 0-3 right now. . .

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