Robert Burns Dinner

On Saturday, Justin and I attended the annual BYU Robert Burns Dinner.
Robert Burns is a famous Scottish Poet. He helped to head the Scottish Enlightenment in the second half of the 18th century. He is very revered by the Scottish as he wrote a lot of national poems, allowing others to explore the Scottish culture and the highland dialect–their ambitions, their loves, their values. So, the Utah Scot Association and BYU’s Kennedy Center for International Studies (which hosts study abroads and the international relations majors) work together to have a dinner honoring him every year.
This is the third year I’ve gone and I was very excited to, as it may be the last time, depending where Justin ends up getting a job.
I love my plaid skirt and the oxfords with it!
I’ve worn basically the same outfit all three years–the skirt, the cardigan, and the scarf. It’s the most Scottish outfit I have. I do have 3 branches of my family who are Scottish: the Roberts, the MacEntires, and the Gardeners. I have no idea what their tartans or clan colors are, but I feel this outfit works just the same.
The Robert Burns Dinner serves numerous purposes: it celebrates the Scottish heritage to Utah, recognizes and honors Robbie Burns, earns money for the Utah Scots Association and BYU Study Abroad programs. Everyone dresses up in traditional Scottish clothing: kilts and knickers, tartans, the whole deal. There are dancers doing highland dancing. And, we eat only Scottish food.
BYU’s own Celtic Band: Siuil

Also, it’s all you can eat food! Which is Justin’s favorite flavor!
However, before you can even have any food, there are a few things that need to be done:
1) Say the Selkirk Grace
2) Watch the Procession of the Haggis and listen to Ode to a Haggis
Haggis honestly isn’t as bad as it sounds…its like mushed up shepherd’s pie. Ya, it looks gross and smells gross and is cooked in a stomach, but it tastes delicious!
As we ate, we were entertained by a bagpiper and Siuil, BYU’s Celtic band. We also had the Toast to the Ladies (my favorite part). After dinner and dessert, people recite Robert Burns’s poems. It’s a very satisfying and exciting dinner.

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  1. That sure sounds fun! I don't have any Scottish background that I know of, but I used to live in Glasgow, KY and there is quite a big Scottish community there, so I learned a bit about the culture while I was there.

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