Saint David's Day

So, in my Teaching Writing class, we have a challenge to blog everyday the month of March…I guess its our version of March Madness. But, I guess I was having too much fun being Welsh and drowning in leek soup yesterday to blog. So, today you will get a double dose–a post about yesterday and then later, a post about today to make up for it.
Yesterday, March 1st was Saint David’s Day.
Dafydd (David) is the patron saint of Wales.
Its pretty much the equivalent of St. Patrick’s Day (and he is Welsh too! But that is a post for another day). It is a huge day of celebration for Welsh.
And, besides beer, which I don’t drink, nor is allowed on campus, Welsh celebrate with leek soup!
It sounds disgusting, but it is actually really, really delicious! And, the Welsh professor, Tom Taylor and his wife always make leek soup.
The reason they are holding leeks up to their lapel is because in medieval times, the Welsh would pin leeks to their lapels during battles to tell themselves apart from their enemies. However, as you can see, leeks are huge and stinky. So sometime or another, they switched to daffodils. Which, in Welsh is pretty close to leek, anyway.
Daffodil=cenhinen Bedr

So, yesterday, I wore my Welsh dragon earrings, my Welsh flag tshirt, and a felt leek on my shirt.
Hapus Dydd Sant Dafydd! Cymru am byth!!!

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