Salt of the Earth Spa Night AND GIVEAWAY for spa skin care products !

Last Thursday, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend an amazing event for Utah bloggers: a spa/party hosted by Salt of the Earth, Whole Foods, and Draper’s IKEA!

Salt of the Earth is a Utah-based company that creates spa treatments and products. Most of their ingredients come from the Great Salt Lake itself, an are all natural! It was created by the owner’s neighbor. When he finished college, he bough it from her and made it what it is today.

We were able to create our own spa skin care products of salts or cremes. We were given an option of different scents and were able to hand-mix our own! I choose apple spice cider since it is a fall scent. It was really fun to mix the creme with the scent in a bowl, then push it down into my container.

I got a full box-full! Not just a sample size! I looked on their website, and it is worth about $22! Holy cow, I scored! I put some on my hands, and they felt so soft and I loved the scent.

There were other spa treatments going on, but it was soooo crowded and busy, I wasn’t able to enjoy them–just make my creme.

I walked around their warehouse and found food catered by Whole Foods.

Again, Holy Cow! they went all out! I had the caramelized leek and smoked gouda mac’n’cheese and the orange zest creme brulee with raspberry sauce. It was sooooo delicious! My goodness! I snarfed it down. I shared a table with some of the girls from the blog Six Sisters’ Stuff and I was a little embarrassed at how quickly I ate that!

We heard a bit from the owner of Salt of the Earth. He talked about his story with the company and a bit about our other sponsors. Then, we all headed outside because he had a big pinata for us with prizes inside. It took about 5 bloggers to whack it enough for prizes to come out, then it was a madhouse! I mean, look back at the picture of the crowd. Now image all of them, plus more, in a circle around a box full of spa-related prizes! Ya. Crazy. I dove right in and couldn’t even see what I was grabbing (since it was after dark) and came out alive with two shirts for Salt of the Earth and warm/cold eye patch that helps with sleep and relaxation.

I would’ve stayed longer, but I wanted to get back home in time to nurse Rhys and put him to bed.

But, in honor of Salt of the Earth, Autumn, and for getting 100 followers on Bloglovin! Salt of the Earth is willing to give away a 12oz container of their body cream!

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Have fun entering!

Check out this great girl!

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.


  1. I love most of BBW creams, let's be honest! Haha. I always get the same ones though — so maybe branching out would be good 🙂 Black Raspberry Vanilla or Midnight Pomegranate would be good ones to try out.

  2. What a fun event to attend. And how cool that the products are from Utah!
    LOVE BBW products, and the wild honeysuckle is calling my name.

  3. Tayler, thank you for your post! It was a lot of fun and Paul just rocked it. He's so savvy and so creative that it's inspiring. Plus his staff. I wish I could get that kind of backup at all my events!

    Blog on

  4. Tayler, great post thank you! So much fun having you there. Glad you walked away with a great experience and some t-shirts 🙂 If you want to do a Salt of the Earth giveaway instead of BBW, I will happily donate the goodies for the giveaway…just a thought!

  5. I think the only scent from Bath and Body Works that I haven't tried is the Maui Hibiscus Beach scent, so I would like to try it. Thank you for the giveaway!!

  6. What a great recap of the night Tayler! I am totally jealous that you got a full size and some shirts! That pinata was crazy!!! I really like BBW products but would LOVE to win a full size Salt of The Earth Lotion!

  7. I have a candle called "Fall Leaves" that I am loving right now! But I also love anything pumpkin spice. Fall smells are just so homey… I love all of them.

  8. Pumpkin spice is pretty delicious. I dont really think I have any other fall scents. I think that needs to change!

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