September Sleepover Soiree

Last week, I went to the first ever Sleepover Soiree! It was hosted by Amberly from Life With Amberly and Joe and Aubrey from Dreaming About Someday.

Because of Rhys, I wasn’t able to spend the night, but first thing, Saturday morning, Rhys and I packed up and headed to Oakely, where it was held. It was a gorgeous drive through the canyon, watching the sunrise. Rhys didn’t think so–he cried until he fell asleep (I had to sing to him and talk to him the whole way).

We made it just in time to have some delicious breakfast! Flippin Waffles made breakfast for us–gourmet, sweet waffles with delicious toppings. I had one with strawberries, whipped cream, and peanut butter. Delicious! She also gave us some “waffle holes”–kind of like donut holes, and just as tasty!

Photo by Kaycie Eddie

Rhys woke up and began to socialize with the other bloggers. They all loved him.

Photo by Kaycie Eddie

Our first discussion that morning was on Sponsorships. Amberly led the discussion and it was great! I got a lot of good advice to start my sponsorship program. BTW…the giveaway for October’s In-Post Banner Ad is still going, and there are plenty of sponsor spots open for October as well!

Rhys got bored listening to the conversation, so he fell asleep. However, he woke up for lunch, causing me to prepare my lunch and eat my lunch all one-handedly while holding him in the other arm. I definitely felt like a talented mom then! We had delicious taco soup in a bread bowl!

Then, we had our last conversation of the day–an open Q&A session. Sadly, Rhys got pretty dang hangry, so I had to excuse myself into one of the bedrooms, shut the door, and tried to nurse while still listening to the conversation. However, he was satiated in time for my question!

It was really fun to go and meet new bloggers and get advice on how to grow my blog. I can’t wait until next year! (And next year, I may actually be able to spend the night!)

Photo by Kaycie Eddie

I also want to thank our sponsors for helping to make it such a fun day! Check them out!
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  1. Oh this is so cool! I've yet to live somewhere with enough bloggers to have a get together but I can't wait until we move back to the mainland! They just look so fun!

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