September’s Favorite Things

So, I’ll be honest. I still suck at remembering to take pictures. And I didn’t wear a skirt of Friday. I just didn’t want to. And Saturday was a lazy day without me worrying about lesson planning or grading at all. I sort of regretted it on Sunday, but, it was a much needed break.
Since today is the last day of the week, that means it’s another Favorite Things link-up hosted by Ashley from Dancing With Ashley
1) My School
I absolutely love working at my school. Still absolutely hate the commute, but even with the fact that I have to work on lesson plans and grading everyday, all day, I love my students and my subject.
2) BYU Football
The first year I’ve ever been able to go to football games and watch without having to work! And Justin is so happy that I am actually beginning to understand football!!!!
3) Spending Labor Day Weekend with Justin’s sister and family in Virginia! And running my first ever race!

4) ComiCon!
Justin and I are such geeks!
5) Going to the Temple and deciding on a new tradition.
We went to the temple last Friday and then went out to eat. We decided that we are going to make that an official monthly date: dinner and Temple trip every 3rd Friday of the month. October’s will involve us eating at Red Robin to enjoy their Oktoberfest burger! Yum!

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  1. So cool that you were able to do your first run! My husband and I just had a conversation about doing a run together (it would be my first) and although I don't like to run, I'm looking forward to it. I also love creating traditions, so good for you and your hubs w/ the new one you've just started!

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