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Students Write the Darndest Things

Students Write the Darndest Things

I was really excited to teach my students about Shakespeare being a player with his sonnets. My 7th graders were then to write their own sonnets. Now, many of them have yet to experience their first crush (especially when the options of our small Charter school are so limited), but they used their imaginations. I told them they had to have the proper rhyme scheme, but not iambic pentameter (a little too tough for sevvies).
“the way that her eyes glisten
the perfect smile
the way i have to listen
good thing she dumped kyle”
“you are like a bullet to my gun”
“i’ll put a ring on it like beyonce
how i love you, my lovely fiancee”


Now, they are beginning to read Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. They have just finished Act 1. But, I wanted to introduce them to the theme of love. So, one of the pre-reading questions I asked them was if they had ever had a crush on someone that they couldn’t have (this helped them connect to Viola, the main character, who is in love with Duke Orsino, but can’t have him because he loves Olivia and also thinks Viola is his servant, Cesario, a boy.)

“Yes, I have been in love with someone and we have dated for quite a while. Then she started using me when I wasn’t noticing. When she was doing this, she was wanting me to date other people and I said no. It was over then and there.”

“I’ve had a crush on someone and they had a girlfriend and didn’t like me. Also, my religion allow dating until 16. I don’t really want to date anyway–it’s not my focus.”
“Yes, I have liked a boy I couldn’t be with him because he didn’t like me. He likes blondes instead of brunettes.”

“I won’t tell you the name, but I’ll tell you why I couldn’t be with her.”

“Yes we were together, but one day something peculiar happened. Me and my family were away, but when we got back, her house was empty. She hadn’t had time to say goodbye.”


My 8th graders are just about done reading “The Open Boat” by Stephen Crane. Before reading, we discussed Crane’s own experience in a lifeboat after surviving a sunken ship. We also compared different survival stories on lifeboats, namely Titanic passengers, the Concordia from last year, and Life of Pi. I then had them describe what they would do if they were in the same situation.

“Then Baca fell into the water and shark bit his leg off. He climbed back into the boat. B all the sudden B passes out. Timothy passes out when he sees B pass out. I push B and T into the water. Then E and I sail off into the sunset.”

“I was one the boat and sleeping. G was hanging his head out of the boat for sharks. K was fighting the shark, and J was eating an apple. Suddenly G switched with me and I was looking for sharks in the water and K was eating the apple. Of course, J still ate the apple. Then a wave came and the girls fell out. It was just me, G, and a fish. And we lived, except for the fish. The End.”


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