Spring Meatballs

Well, this is over a week late…so I may have forgotten a few things.

I had made some green chile verde enchiladas for Justin, but we still had a ton of sauce left. There was a recipe on the can, so I decided to try it.

2 cups Rice
1/2 lb. Beef
2 cup Chile Verde Sauce
Lemon Juice (or cilantro)
Garlic powder
Lemon pepper
Cheddar Cheese
1 Egg

Vegetable Oil

1) Start cooking the rice
2) Mix the beef, some lemon juice (or cilantro or both!), garlic powder, egg, and lemon pepper together
3) Pour some vegetable oil into a pan and roll the beef mix into meatballs
4) Cook the meatballs in the oil until they aren’t pink in the middle
5) Pour the Chile Verde Sauce and some lemon juice into a sauce pot and heat up
6) Shred the cheese

This was actually very delicious and I loved the tang it had to it!

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