Students Write the Darnedest Things

Did you ever watch Bill Crosby’s “Kids Say the Darnedest Things?” I did, and it was absolutely hilarious!
Well, I’ve discovered that this concept also crosses over to their writings, even when they have grown to the wise old age of 13.
I’ve been teaching for a semester now and have had my 7th and 8th graders do many writing assignments: What If’s, journal entries, essays, etc.
One very hilarious example:
  • My Utah studies students had to do a What If prompt about polygamy. We had just learned about the issue of polygamy in Utah in the late 1800s, with respect to the different laws as well as the Underground. I asked them, what they would do in that situation. Many girls mentioned murdering the other wives or running away to Canada…to marry Justin Beiber. This situation happened in about 4 of their prompts!
However, for the most part, a lot of what I have found have been great ideas! It amazes me what eloquent writing my middle schoolers write.
Student Declaration of Independence
  • I will say we are juveniles, and yes we need guidance, but limited guidance. We learn from our mistakes, we see what we need to do and not do.
Should the Mormons Have Had to Give Up Polygamy for Utah to Become a State Essay
  • Religion is part of who you are, you shouldn’t be able to take pieces of you away. To me that’s unconstitutional. I’m not saying that polygamy was a good thing, but it was part of Mormon religion.

Current Event (War on Congo, relating it to the Revolutionary War)

  • I think that the citizens of Congo are doing the right thing. If starting a war is the only way you will get heard and get freedom, then do it. But the question is are you willing to risk the freedom you have now, and all the people of your country to be heard?
I love these! From now on, my students’ writings will be featured on my blog bi-weekly. I’m excited to be blown away by hilarity and profoundness. Look for the tag “Student Writings”


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