Summer Bucket List with Emilie Burke

I’ve given myself a few weeks to start to transition into being a SAHM. Now that I’m starting getting it down (no where near to having it down) and beginning to get into a rhythm, and since school is out, I’ve been thinking about things to do this summer. (And the 100* weather hasn’t helped either.) So, I got together with Emilie Burke to create a Summer Bucket List!
A combination of adventures and local fun to be done during summer!

New Years isn’t the only time of year to make a list of things to do! The summertime is a perfect season to try new things, to open yourself to unforgettable experiences! Here’s a few things on my Summer Bucket List:

1. Music Festivals
Summer isn’t complete without a soundtrack! Wouldn’t it be great to see that “soundtrack” live? You could go to one, or two, or seven! Music is a never ending pleasure! Live music is always so exciting. Who are you looking forward to seeing life?

2. Parasailing!
I’ve actually been parasailing with my younger sister. It was one of the most beautiful, life-changing experience I’ve ever had. This is something you need to be doing this summer. Take advantage of the good weather and get outside.

3. Ziplining
I’m really lucky to have been ziplining, too, and it is an exhilarating experience. There is something freeing about being completely out of control and so in touch with life at the same time.

4. Snorkeling
My younger sister recently went snorkeling and I’ve been hearing about it ever since. I know that this is something I need to do. You can read about her here:

5. Swimming with Dolphins!
Who wouldn’t want to swim with a dolphin? Those cute, sweet animals! This summer is about doing things out of the ordinary! Swimming with a dolphin is definitely not ordinary!

Five fun filled events that I’ve always wanted to do during the summer! Doing things as normal as a music festival to swimming with a dolphin is what I call a summer to never forget!

I would love to join Emilie on all those adventures. Sadly, we have an almost 1 year old, and a husband who doesn’t get a summer break because he’s a big, adult boy with a big, adult boy job (and he’s saving up all his PTO for our family reunion at the end of July). So, I’ll give you some local summer bucket list ideas!

6. Visit museums
These can be big museums or small. We have children discovery museums near us, natural history museums, and, also smaller city history museums that I want to be able to check out.
7. Farmer’s Markets
You’d be surprised what you can find and fall in love with at Farmer’s Markets. Even if you don’t bring any money to spend, just walking around, trying free samples, and enjoying the outdoors is a fun-filled family activity.
8. Picnic and Movie Outside
Have a BBQ, pack a picnic basket, have friends bring over a ton of random food. Eat on the porch, or at a park. Go to a drive in movie (we have one near us–perfect since we’d be in our car and Rhys can sleep in his carseat), or set up a screen and wait till dark!
9. Go on a hike
Utah is known for it’s canyon hikes. I’d love to do a few of these…maybe more in August or September when it cools down a tad…right now it’s 100*!!! But, a lot of these hikes are easy, beautiful, and have streams or waterfalls to play in.
10. Go to Theme Parks
These can be big ones if you live near them, like Disneyland or Universal Studios, or more local ones, like King’s Dominion or Lagoon. Or, even waterparks! There are rides for all ages–kiddy rides (I can’t wait to get pictures of Rhys in kiddy rides), family rides, adult rides. You’ll be set for the whole day!
So, whether you want adventure or local fun, there are plenty of things you can do to make your summer more fun and get out of the house more…and I’m hoping to do just that to avoid setting a SAHM habit of being a homebody and a couch potato!
What is on your summer bucket list?

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  1. Emilie's bucket list is certainly full of adventure! It'd be amazing to do all those fun things in one summer.
    It's funny how much our summer activities change once we have little ones.
    Either way, both your lists sound like a ton of fun!

  2. Would be great if we could do one of these together ! but your so far away now

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