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Rhys | 21 Months

Dear Rhys Michael,


You are closer to two than you are one. Every day, I still cannot fathom nor understand the still-growing love I have you. You are definitely a toddler–and a very silly one at that. You know you are silly and you love to do funny things to get the reaction. Smiles are almost semi-permanent on your face, and you love to explore and play and learn.

These past few months have been quite different–we have moved into my parents’ basement. You were familiar with their home since we’ve visited many times, but leaving our house in Sandy was leaving the only home you knew. You moved from your own bedroom into a large closet. Instead of the being the center of the world, there are two dogs, two aunts, and two grandparents in the house as well. But, you have handled the transition like a champ, and you sleep wasn’t impaired–thank God! We spent Easter down in Nephi with your cousins, and you had so much fun. And, this weekend, we will be heading up to Boise for a cousin’s baptism.


Height: 33 inches
Weight: 27 pounds
Eyes: blue
Hair: blonde, with hints of strawberry. very fine and thin, and a little wavy
Teeth: 12 teeth (we are just waiting for all four canines to cut at the same time)

Sleeping: You go to bed at 7:30 after watching Jeopardy, saying prayers, and giving everyone a good night hug and kiss. Between 6-7am you will wake up, but we don’t let you out of your crib until 6:30. Then, you’ll drink a morning bottle and read your books while Daddy gets ready for work and I read my scriptures and drink a SlimFast. Naptime is right after lunch time, around 12:30, and we give you a very small bottle, but mostly, you just like to hold it while you nap rather than actually drinking from it. You still sleep on the couch, but I don’t mind because I like to nap with you sometimes. You typically nap between 2-3 hours.


Eating: You have 3 square meals and 2 snacks a day. You like just about everything–veggies, fruits, breads, meats, etc. You are getting really good with feeding yourself, especially with forks and spoons. You decide what you want to eat for your snacks. And candy…oh my goodness! You have eaten so much candy since Christmas–hopefully brushing your teeth will keep you from getting cavities! #momfail

Favorite Foods: berries, ham, veggie puffs, jellybeans, ketchup, chocolate-covered pretzels, fruit snacks


– playing outside
– playing with Grandma’s dogs (even though they don’t really like you–you scare them!)
– Big Hero 6, Frozen
– PAW Patrol, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
– reading
– trucks, construction equipment, airplanes
– interactive, thinking, sorting, building toys
– exercising with Momma (and going on runs with Momma)
– cuddling in bed after baths

– nursery (you scream every time we drop you off at church nursery)
– being told no more outside for the day
– when we take away your toothbrush because you are getting wet everywhere
– having your toys taken away


Words and Communication:
– ASL signs: more, thank you, please, sorry, help
– Momma, Daddy, Eehs (Rhys)
– Nama (grandma), Bapa (grandpa)
– Tuga (Tucker), Innee (Winnie) my parent’s dogs
– Eejuh (Jesus), Mmh-ma (Amen)
– chug chug (train, or any automobile)
– no, yah, uh (on, off, up)
– gah (car)
– ta-da!
– hi, uh-oh
– I luyu (I love you)
– Essa (Elsa), Nana (Anna), Ola (Olaf), BaMa (Baymax)
– GO! (your current favorite)

You are learning other words, but they are only clear and intentional once in a blue moon. However, you are very good at communicating your thoughts, opinions, and wants.


Learning and Recognition: 
– You recognize and can point to all your body parts.
– You can make animal noises correctly for: cows, sheep, horse, chicken, duck, dog, cat, elephant, snake, lizard, fish, rooster, lion, dinosaur, and dragon.
We are learning colors. You can’t really say them, but you are getting pretty good at sorting colors. You also like to “count”. You make connections all the time. If you see a baby in a book, you’ll point to yourself. Same with seeing a Momma or a Daddy. You can also make connections from something you see to a memory you have and you will try to pantomime it. Mimicry is one of your favorite things to do–you will “exercise” with me, “do yard work” with Daddy and Grandpa, and you just watch and copy everything we do.

Other: You are such a ham. You do such funny and cheesy things and love to play with Momma and Daddy. Climbing and jumping are some of your favorite pasttimes, as well as wrestling with Momma and Daddy. You are almost always happy and your laugh is infectious, as is your smile–could your cheeks possibly get any bigger!?! You are definitely a Momma’s boy and want to be either right next to me, or have me in your eyesight. You are a very obedient boy. Typically, I only have to ask you once for you to obey. You also give the best hugs, kisses, and cuddles. You are pretty extroverted, except when it comes to strangers, and you love to explore and test your capabilities and limits.


You are our sunshine–the bright spot in our lives.

We love you so very much!


Momma and Daddy

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