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Currently & Favorites + Giveaway

Wow! A lot to go through today! It’s going to be a hodge podge! But, sometimes, you need to do those kinds of posts, and they are fun to write and to read.




Doing | Everything possible to get ready for Evelyn. I’m in full-on nesting mode. I’ve kept on top of thank you cards for the baby showers I’ve had, presents are all wrapped and under the tree, and Evie’s clothing is washed and equipment set up. I’m 1/3 of the way done doing deep scrubbing of the apartment. I do try to take it slow and steady. This pregnancy I’ve definitely gotten a lot more worse worn out a lot more easily. 

Cooking | Well, this past week, I’ve sucked at cooking. But, I plan on having a few homemade freezer dinners prepped before baby girl.

Wrapping | All the Christmas presents! Well, except for Rhys’s big present from Santa, which is on our porch hidden until Christmas Eve. Rhys has loved “helping” me wrap the presents. He’ll help place the tape, pick the bows and place them, pick the name cards  and place them, then put the presents under the tree. Since my family is coming when Evelyn is born (less than a week after Christmas), we are just keeping their presents under the tree rather than shipping them to Utah.

Playing | Justin and I have been playing a lot of Rummikub at night–when we were dating/engaged, we played it almost every night. Now, we are back in the habit. Rhys and I have been playing a lot of cars and legos. He’s really getting into interactive and imaginative play with his toys and it’s so fun to watch him. We have also been playing with simple ideas for our new Elf on the Shelf: Jingle. Justin and I are easing into it this year, since it doesn’t take much to impress our 2.5 year old. First thing in the morning, Rhys will go look to see where Jingle has moved and then points back to all the previous places he was.

Justin is currently…| Loving his job at Kubota Tractor Company. He is a data analysis and has done some pretty big projects already that his bosses love and are implementing. He is really into BYU football and basket ball right now. Justin also made his annual batch of homemade mulled apple cider on Saturday.


I am currently…| Wishing this pregnancy was over. I hate this pregnancy. But, I’m so excited to have a baby girl in my arms in less than 4 weeks. Sometimes, I still can’t believe that I will have a daughter, let alone a second child! I have officially opened my Etsy shop: The Morrell Tale Design. I am also taking advantage of the fact that I have my own car now and have been taking Rhys all over the place and getting out of the house as much as possible before having a brand new baby to take care of.


Rhys is currently | Growing like a weed. I swear he’s grown a few inches since we’ve arrived in Texas! Rhys is so smart, I can barely believe it. He loves helping with EVERYTHING and loves being independent. He’s obsessed with educational videos on Youtube and knows the vast majority of letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. His vocabulary is also growing daily, but his actual verbalization and pronunciation is still suffering. Today, we actually have an evaluation with ECI to see if he qualifies for speech therapy.


Evelyn is currently | 36 weeks along! She loves to move, especially during naptime and bedtime. She is already very spoiled with all the gifts we’ve received from family and friends.


Maybelline Super Stay 24 Longwear Lip Color | I absolutely love this lip stain that I received from Influenster. I’ve never been one for bold colors, but I absolutely love the way I look in this. And, it’s true to it’s name–it really does stay on forever! I apply it in the morning, but then it doesn’t come off until I go to bed when I wipe it off with makeup wipes!


Blogger Ornament Exchange | I love doing ornament exchanges. This year, I was paired with Amanda from Perks of Ponder. She definitely got my aesthetic of wood and tweed down! I love this ornament!


Morning at Dallas LDS Temple | Last week, I went down to the LDS Dallas Temple. I needed to make an exchange at the distribution center (where Mormons get temple clothing and the sacred garments) and I wanted to take some pictures. It was a beautiful morning. The temple is definitely much, much smaller than the Utah temples. The parking lot wasn’t even 1/3 full–complete OPPOSITE of Utah temples! Wow! I’ve been in Utah so long I’ve forgotten what temples outside the Mormon bubble were like! I had to pee real bad when we got there–pregnant! So, I explained to Rhys that we were going to go into the Temple–Jesus’s house. Since it is Jesus’s house, and we love Jesus, we need to respect him and be reverent. That means whispering and walking. No yelling and no running. We walked into the lobby and Rhys walked slowly the whole time and made a point to whisper, and would even put his finger up to his lips. He pointed at the pictures of Jesus and said, “wow.” Even in the bathroom (in which he loves to yell because of public bathroom echoes), he whispered! I was so proud of him. When we walked back outside, I told him so and told him he could now run around. We got some beautiful pictures of the grounds, too.

img_4753 img_4756
img_4760 img_4762 img_4765 img_4771 img_4785 img_4791 img_4793 img_4797

Maternity Pictures | We also got maternity/family pictures done, and I am absolutely IN LOVE with them. Kayleigh was the first friend I made in Texas…the first week we were there, I took Rhys to the library and I saw a girl with two little boys in BYU Cougar shirts…I knew she had to be Mormon! And she was! We exchanged phone numbers and began to stalk each other on Facebook seeing as we were both Utah transplants to Texas. Then, I discovered Kayleigh’s photography business and fell in love. I begged her to do my maternity pictures. And, she’s going to give you a deal! 

dsc_5860-2 dsc_5875-2 dsc_5898-2 dsc_5935-2 dsc_5990-2 dsc_6017-2 dsc_6070-2 dsc_6120-2 dsc_6137-2 dsc_6151-2 dsc_6165-2

Book a session using the code MORRELLTALE to get 30% off of a Maternity or Senior (graduation) session. Use MORRELLTALEFAM to get 20% off of a family session. (Just mention the code in an email or text while booking). Session must be completed by March. Texas residents only. Some restrictions apply. Email Kayleigh at contact@Kayleighsearle.com to get more information or book a session! 

Instagram: Kayleighsearlephoto

Please Help Me Out…

1) Since opening my Etsy print shop, I’ve decided that I want to collaborate with bloggers. I want to send you one of my prints (your choice), and you review it and share it online! Please sign up here and I’ll send you an email with more information!

2) Please Guest Post for Me!

Since baby girl is due right after Christmas, I want to start gathering some guest posts for the end of December and throughout January!

You have to write posts that deal with my main topics: motherhood, Christian religion (you don’t have to be Mormon), recipes you’ve created, family and marriage, domestic stuff (being a homemaker), or blogging.

It would need at least one vertical, high quality Pinnable image. No cussing, no graphic thoughts, no politics.

Please fill out here if you are interested and I’ll send you an email with more detail!


First, the winner of my Etsy shop Grand Opening giveaway is…..

Charlene from Enduring All Things! Congrats!

Also, you have another chance to win one of my prints, in addition to many other Etsy crafts and Christmas gifts. Kendra Castillo  is an artist and blogger I’ve been following for years. I love her artwork. She got this Holiday Giveaway together. There is a total of 6 prizes worth over $100 in value. Giveaway will end Sunday (12/11) at midnight! Winner will be announced on Monday (12/12).

Holiday Giveaway
from some of the best (worth over $100 value)



  • Set of 5 Fine Art Greeting Cards (envelopes included)
  • Earrings from Anthropologie
  • $10 Starbucks Gift Card
  • “Let It Snow” 8 x 10 Art Print
  • The Watercolor Hex Small Zipper Pouch (perfect for organizing all your little things)
  • Set of 8 Handcrafted Holiday cards (envelopes included)

*Giveaway will end Sunday (12/11) at midnight! Winner will be announced on Monday… Good Luck 🙂
(The more times you enter the higher chances you have to win! Winner will be chosen at random using Rafflecopter)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.

# Love Blog | The Little Things

I have written so many posts about being content and focusing on the little things. More than anyone else, I’ve written those posts for myself. Especially after having been diagnosed with PPD and Depression/Anxiety, But, even though it’s a weakness for me, I do find that when I reflect back and realize the value of and my love of the small things in life, I feel so much better. It is equivalent to keeping a continuous gratitude list.

Especially this past week, when I’ve focused on the small things life has gotten a little better and happier through the rivers of tears and clouds of melancholy.

Put some more love in your life by finding contentment and loving the little things that happen around you and to you. Your view on life will become so much brighter and full.

* Rhys always makes me smile. He is so funny, and he knows it. He will do something silly, look at me and laugh, and wait for me to respond with laughs.

* Rhys has been super cuddly recently, and it’s been really nice, because they have been so therapeutic.

* We are trying to teach Rhys not to (playfully) hit the dogs, so we’ve been sending him to “timeout” (a specific chair in the house). When we tell him to go to time out, he’ll immediately go and sit down in that chair. Sometimes he’ll fuss and yell, but he won’t move off the chair. What a good, smart boy.

* The weather has been so nice, recently.

* Rhys and I went running earlier in the week, when it was super windy, but Rhys was just happy to be outside.

* Rhys has been loving playing in the backyard, and I love watching him.

* Justin left little notes that said, “I love you” for me last week when I was feeling down.

* Justin and I have been playing a lot of Mario 3-D World on the Wii-U together.

* When my new ward’s Relief Society presidency came to visit me, they talked about starting up a Mother’s Group…that was an answer to a prayer–I’m in desperate need of a mother’s group.

* Seeing the blue sky with no clouds!

* Finishing Hope Unfolding by Beck Thompson. It was exactly what I needed to hear, and I sent it to a friend who I know needs it as well.

* Getting really into the first 30 pages of a Tudor historical fiction novel.

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What little things do you love?

Let me introduce you to my cohost for #Love Blog Challenge!


Meet Brita Long: Christian feminist blissfully married to Dan Fleck for almost two years. Lover of Paris, pink sparkles, sensible shoes, manicures, and books. Fueled by hot tea and mimosas.


And of course, Me: Mormon stay at home mom married to her best friend, Justin, for 3.5 years. Mother to 19 month old Rhys. “Retired” history and English teacher, runner, lover of video games, fantasy, books, and cooking. Consumer of Italian food, chocolate, steak, and strawberries.


Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.

Let’s Be Real For a Sec

I did have a post planned for today, but I didn’t feel like writing it. I also was supposed to send out a biweekly newsletter, but again, I didn’t feel like it. Honestly, guys, I’ve been feeling pretty melancholy the past little while, so let’s be real for a sec and have some real talk. I was going to write this post last night before I went to bed, but after a 10 hour sleep and a good hour work out, (all before Rhys woke up!) I feel a little more rational, although not much more elated.

I absolutely love the blogging community for all the support and friendship I have online, but, I wish I could have more of that in real life, too.

My husband always pushes me to be proactive socially, and I have been trying really hard. I have texted and facebooked many, many of my friends, asking for play dates or lunch dates, but, they all have said they couldn’t because of various reasons. It really makes me second guess myself, especially when I see them on social media going out and about and hanging with other friends. Do they just not like me or not want to hang out with me?

Rhys is almost 20 months old and can only say “Momma”, “Daddy”, and “no”. He has numerous sounds and knows four signs, and can communicate very well physically. He also has very good receptive communication/language skills, but whenever we ask him to say something, he just says, “dada” or “baba”. I have many friends who have kids within a few weeks of Rhys’s age, and they are all speaking very clearly. I know he is smart and has the capability to, but it worries me.

I am so thankful that I don’t have to pay rent right now and that we are saving money, and have my family’s utmost support while living in their basement, but…

I miss having my own place

– I still get lonely during the day while everyone else is at work or school

– I still don’t have a reliable, consistent mode of transportation because everyone else is using theirs

– I feel a little trapped up here in Farmington as opposed to Sandy near the TRAX

– Justin got a little raise recently, but it seems almost unnoticeable

– I know we are saving money, and I know we’ve only lived here almost a month, but it seems like it is taking forever to save up money

Justin’s team of developers at his job now has mandatory late nights and weekends (he typically works 7AM-3PM, Mon-Fri) for the next two weeks. And to that a 30-40 minute commute both ways, and he will hardly get to see either me or Rhys. I know that we are actually very lucky for him to have the hours that he does, and husbands working overtime or overnight or traveling is normal, but it is not our norm.

I have so many plans for this blog and all my social media, but I really can’t start on any of it until my blog gets redesigned and moved over to WordPress (otherwise it’d be pointless). I am so thankful that I have someone professionally doing this for me so it will look nice and there won’t be any kinks, but it was supposed to be done on the 9th…I’m getting a little itchy.

I have such a wonderful husband, but sometimes, I get trapped by the social media comparison game.


I am so in love with my son. My love for him just grew exponentially this past week for some reason. He is the absolute best and the light of my life. He is so smart, playful, compliant, and funny. He definitely has a sense of humor and he knows it! He always cheers me up. He has also been more cuddly and tender this past week of his own volition. I wonder if Rhys has realized that I’ve been feeling low and is trying to help.

I am thankful that I’ve been doing very well with my personal scripture study in the mornings. It’s been helping a lot.

I am so thankful that there was a wind and snow/rain storm that has cleared off the inversion. I can breathe so much better! It is also much warmer and Rhys and I have been spending time outside.

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.

Still a Kid

Do you miss your childhood hobbies? Do you long for the simple days? Do you hate “adulting” sometimes? Do you have embarrassing loves? Does your inner child yell at you?

That’s how it is for me. In many aspects, I feel that I am still a kid.

Are you still a kid at heart? What inner child guilty pleasures do you have?

I am still very much a kid at heart:

– I mean, look at the picture! I am barefoot in a tree! Whenever I see a tree or a forest or some new landscape, I run all around and climb! I guess that’s where Rhys gets it from…

– I still love Disney movies and love singing their songs!

– I play video games often.

– When I’m sick, I just want my mom. Yes, I want Justin to take care of me, but, I also just want my mom.

– I miss being in school. Yes, I can be a student in college and be happy, but I miss being in highschool sometimes and having a locker and being on sports teams and hanging with my friends.

– I miss spending my nights watching anime, talking to friends on AIM, and reading fan fictions.

– I am super imaginative, still. Sometimes, if I have a hard time sleeping, I’ll go over my future novels to write in my head, perfecting the dialogue and action.

– I get jealous of kids playing on playgrounds–I’d love to do that again…

– I love YA literature, especially fantasy and historical fiction.

– I have seen every TinkerBell movie!

– I own the movie Epic, and I love fairy movies!

– According to Justin, I pout and throw little fits when I don’t get my way.

– According to Justin, I get excited over every little thing. Like, if I read something interesting on the Internet, I have to share it with everyone, even if they don’t care.

– I love wearing my hair in braided pigtails. (In my defense, Justin thinks they are really cute on me!)

How are you still a kid at heart?

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.

Golden Vlog | February 2016

I love doing the Golden Vlog! It’s so fun to get to know other bloggers–it’s more like a virtual coffee date than the “coffee date” posts because you see them, you hear them, you watch them!

This month, it’s about love and family.

February 2016's Golden Vlog is all about Family

Guys Behind the BlogJustin’s guest posts

February 2016's Golden Vlog is all about Family

February 2016's Golden Vlog is all about Family

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.