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Not Going To: School! Today is Fall Break! Yaay!
Wearing: A skirt. It’s a habit for school…but, we are also going to the temple later today.
Eating: Hummus and a baguette! Haven’t done that in forever!
Watching: Parenthood and Project Runway episodes because I have time to!
Wishing: My husband didn’t have to go to college…
Wanting: To be a SAHW right now…or a SAHM eventually.
Excited to: Go to the temple with Justin tonight and then out to eat at Red Robin
Frustrating: That the people who crashed into our car like 3+ weeks ago still haven’t paid us for the damages–they wanted to do it out of pocket so the their insurance rates wouldn’t sky rocket (it was their teenage daughter who crashed into us) and they are near impossible to contact and get a response from…someone is trying to dodge a bullet!!!
Procrastinating: Grading and lesson planning
This weekend will have some good posts, so keep reading!

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