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Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge

Hagerman's National Wildlife Refuge Butterfly Day in Texas near Lake Texacoma

One of my resolutions this year was to discover where I live more than I had ever done. I grew up going to National Parks for the summer and camping with my family. During the rest of the year, we would go hiking and geocaching on trails. I loved it. I loved exploring nature. I loved being out in the open. I loved feeling that unique holiness of nature–that’s why I was super excited to go to Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge.

We had been doing pretty good exploring and discovering the North DFW area: restaurants, activities, little shops, playgrounds. But, for our anniversary, Justin gave me a wonderful gift. He sent me a list of State and National Parks and said every three months we would go and either spend all day or camp overnight. It seriously was the best gift.

On Saturday, we went to Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge in North Texas on the south end of Lake Texoma. This is a pit stop for migrating birds and butterflies, and we came on the perfect day: official Butterfly Day.

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I have a DSLR, but I only have the two lenses it came with. I’m not a professional by any means. But, I am very proud of these pictures I took. I especially loved the pictures of the butterfly garden–I couldn’t believe that I took these pictures! I didn’t let anyone else touch my camera, so there aren’t any pictures of me.

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