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Evelyn | One Year Old

Evelyn Morgan is one year old

Dear Evelyn Morgan,

Evelyn Morgan is one year old

My little one, my baby girl, my princess, my sweetheart. How is it that you are already a year old? It was just barely Christmas and I blinked and now it is Christmas again. How have you grown up so fast? I swear, you turned a year old faster than your brother did. Although I am so happy you are growing up, part of me wants you to stay my baby girl forever.

One look at your sweet smile, and I melt. You are so precious to. I admit, I wasn’t the best mother the first few months of your life. I suffered pretty deep postpartum depression and anxiety. To be honest, I hardly remember from Christmas until Easter. But, whenever I look at you know, I feel nothing but love–pure, unadulterated love.

Evelyn Morgan is one year old

You are already emerging into a wonderful girl. You love to cuddle, which is the exact opposite of how your brother was at this age. I relish anytime you give me a hug and lay your head on my shoulder. That is a little piece of heaven for me. You are very social, just like your Daddy, with a smile always on your face. I can tell you are already getting stubborn just like your Mama and I fear for us come your teenage years.

Evelyn, you mean so much to me. I feel our family is complete with you. You fit in so well, but you definitely round out our family. We are whole because of you.

Love, Mama.

Evelyn Morgan is one year old

Weight | 19 pounds 12 ounces

Height | We’ll find out in a few days.

Evelyn Morgan is one year old

Eating | You have 3-4 bottles of 6 ounces of formula. But, now, we get to switch you to whole milk! Yaay! No more buying expensive formula! Rejoice! You are still a picky, picky eater and somewhat of a grazer. But, you are more and more aware of when you are hungry or thirsty, and we are beginning to catch onto those cues as well.

Evelyn Morgan is one year old

Sleeping | You sleep through the night about 75% of the time. Otherwise, you’ll wake up between 3-6 am. We will give you a bottle to have in your crib and expect you to fall back asleep until at least 6 am. Unlike your brother, who had to be rocked to sleep completely for naps, if you don’t fall asleep in the rocking chair, you do pretty well on your own. If I give you a pacy, a doll, a blanket, turn on the music machine and tell you to go to sleep, you do within a few minutes. Sometimes you take forever to go to sleep for nap time, instead, preferring to play quietly in your crib. But, you are content. You still take two naps about an hour or two each. However, lately, your morning nap schedule is getting rearranged because Rhys’s 25 minute speech therapy sessions are a half hour at the beginning of your nap time. And, now that we are on vacation, your sleep sucks.

Evelyn Morgan is one year old

Milestones | Movement: You are still running. You love to climb up stairs, but you have absolutely no idea how to get down. You love to climb on everything. You have also started to bounce up and down to dance or show your excitement.

Evelyn Morgan is one year old

Communication:  Just recently, you have started a screech/grunt to show your disapproval or disgust. You are learning you have a say and you don’t have to like or enjoy everything. You can say “Mama” and “mamee” (Lamby–your favorite doll). Daddy is still trying to get you to say “daddy” but without success. I’m trying to get you to say “uh oh”, but no tries. You wave goodbye, hi, and night-night. You understand when and why to clap.

Evelyn Morgan is one year old

Playing: You want to do whatever Rhys is doing and play with whatever he is playing. You love it when he pushes or pulls you around in a box or blanket. Chase is a new favorite game and you understand when to be chased and when to chase us. You love taking things out of containers and putting them back in. Blocks and stacking rings are another favorite of yours.

Evelyn Morgan is one year old

Personality | You are really beginning to be a Mama’s girl. You love Daddy, but sometimes, you just want Mama. If I even head toward the door, or leave a room, you start to fuss. But, besides separation anxiety, your stubbornness is starting to become apparent. You are still our happy, smiley girl, but you are becoming more aware of your other emotions as well.

Evelyn Morgan is one year old


  • dolls
  • bathtime
  • drinking out of sippy cups and water bottles
  • chocolate
  • playing with Mama and/or Rhys
  • Little Baby Bum nursery songs
  • clapping

Evelyn Morgan is one year old


  • meal time
  • people touching your face or mouth
  • Rhys taking things away from you or not letting you play with a specific toy
  • Mama and Daddy leaving

Evelyn Morgan is one year old

Continue to grow into a wonderful, bright, loving, cheerful girl, Evelyn Morgan. You are the sunshine in our lives. We love and adore you. Happy birthday baby girl.

Evelyn Morgan is one year old Evelyn Morgan is one year old Evelyn Morgan is one year old

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.

Happy 1st Birthday, Rhys!

Dear Rhys Michael,

Baby boy, I cannot fathom that you are already one year old. It is hard for me to even write words to describe the joy and love I feel for you right now, today. This past year has been one of the hardest, most stressful years of my life. However, it has also been the happiest, most peaceful year of my life. You are absolutely perfect and everything I could have imagined. Although I have helped you learn many things in this short year, you have already helped teach me many things. I am working on not letting my motherhood paranoia instinct get control of me, but I am thankful for it because I feel that it binds us together. I realize more and more everyday how important it is to smile and remind myself to be patient. My mothering philosophy has changed numerous times throughout the year, but that is because I want to do what is best for you.

There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you, Rhys. I want to give you the world. I want you to explore, as you do. I feel that exploration, curiosity, and imagination are the most important traits to have to be successful in life, and I can already see them burgeoning in your small body. Your bright blue eyes take everything in. The turning cogs in your mind are very visible. I cannot believe how brilliantly smart you are and how you quickly you catch on to things. I love watching you learn and grow.

You have become quite the perfect mixture of rowdy boy and gentle son. One minute you’d be crawling up the couch and trying to tackle me, and the next, you’re giving me kisses and cuddling your stuffed animals. I can’t wait to begin teaching you (starting today) about Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Gospel. You are already showing true love, and I want to guide you down that straight and narrow path.

Rhys, you are such a handsome boy. You have so much of your father in you, and that makes me love you even more. Your father is the love of my life, my soul mate, and knowing that you are his, makes me admire him even more. You have the same facial expressions in him, and that makes me hope you will become like him. I love seeing how happy you are in the mornings when you get to see Daddy before he goes to work, and how excited you get when he comes home, running to go hug him.

You are the apple of my eye. Lehi, a prophet from the Book of Mormon said that “Men are, that they might have joy.” You are my joy. I love you so much, Rhys Michael.


Weight: 20.4 pounds
Height: 29.5 inches

Eating and Teething
You have 4 bottles of 5-7 ounces and eat 3 meals plus a snack every day. For the most part, you eat table food, but sometimes, we supplement with babyfood if we’re on the run, or you spit out the table food. You love it when Momma puts some food on a fork and then you put it in your mouth, and when Momma helps you use the utensils yourself.

Your favorite foods:
– strawberries
– cheese
– Kix
– chicken
– peas
– mandarin oranges

You have 4 teeth: two top front and two bottom front. You’ve been acting like you are on another bout of teething, but we can’t feel or see any evidence.

If you wake up between 4-6 AM, we’ll let you try to self-soothe for 15-20 minutes, and if you don’t, we’ll give you a full bottle in your crib and you’ll drink most of it before falling back asleep. We don’t let you out of your crib until 6:30 AM, and you are typically pretty good with that, although Momma prefers it if you sleep until at least 7 AM, which you do about half the time. You take 2 solid naps, although in the past month, you have had three 3-hour naps! In addition, you’ve skipped at least one nap about 2-4 times. We put you to at about 7:30 with very minimal rocking. Sometimes, you’ll have to sooth yourself to sleep for about 15-20 minutes, but you always turn on your music machine to help you. You sleep through the night.

Relationship and Socializing
You love cuddling, chasing, wrestling, and playing with Momma and Daddy. You love seeing Daddy in the morning, and run to him when he gets home from work. You have started being a little too aggressively friendly with your friends at church, as well as other toddlers you meet. You want to play with them so badly, that you’ll grab their shirts or hair, and try to tackle them. Most kids don’t like this. We’re trying to teach you not only to be soft to animals, but other kids as well. As for other adults, or big groups, you are a little shy in the beginning (like Momma), but after a while, you’ll be jabbering with everyone.

Talking and Communicating
You can say, “hi,” “nana” (food, but specifically banana), “nom nom” (yummy). You also have a very specific whiny grunt that means, “help”. You can point (for the most part). You understand most of what we are saying or asking, and about half the time, you do as we ask. You also have a very specific, loud squeal when you are excited and wanting to play hard or wrestle. Another very specific, but softer squeal is for when you have your stuffed animals and you cuddle them. “Dadadada” is your favorite sound to make.

You are just about running now and love chasing things. You realize when there is a step, or ledge, you need to stop, get down, turn around, and go down backwards. You also like to take “big steps” down or up with Momma or Daddy’s help.

Playing and Problem Solving
You prefer to play with Momma and Daddy’s toys than your own: our waterbottles, video game controllers, brooms and swiffers, measuring tapes, bike pumps, the stroller, the bikes, cell phones, etc. Throwing balls and then chasing them is one of your favorite past times, as is playing peekaboo/hide and seek. You understand our different routines for meal times (you know we wash your hands and face, then you help sweep the floor), that bottles mean nap or bedtime, that when Momma gets our shoes, it’s time to go outside. You love trying to figure out how to put different toys in different shaped containers, and trying your hardest to climb or reach or get to places you shouldn’t be, this includes trying to get past barriers like the baby gate or throwing toys to these places as an excuse to go get them.

Daddy jokes that you have two modes: “GO GO GO” and “sleep”. It’s pretty true. You are a very active boy, and I love it, even if it does drain me! You are also very demanding (when it comes to help, or sometimes, food) and opinionated.

– playing with balls and cars
– going outside and running around
– reading books
– Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood
– pushing the stroller or grocery cart
– wrestling

– bedtime
– staying still
– being restrained, especially in your car seat. We are going to get you a front facing one and see if that improves your mood in the car.

We love you baby boy…er…I mean, toddler boy!


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Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.