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100 Days with VIPKid

Teach English to Chinese children online through VIPKids. It's so much fun!

I have just hit a momentous occasion: I have been teaching with VIPKid for 100 days! It really doesn’t seem that long, but I absolutely love my job and feel like I’ve been doing it forever.

One hundred days. Not necessarily a veteran, but definitely “been there, done that.” I mean, I’m even answering newbies’ questions on the Facebook forums!

Never in a million years did I ever think I would teach elementary aged kids, let alone kids who didn’t speak English! But, it feels so natural. And, I find it an odd correlation that around the same time I got this job, I also got a new calling (“volunteer job” assigned to me) at church. I am now Secretary of the Primary organization (18 month – 12 year old children’s ministry). So apparently, I’m meant to be doing this and working with these young kids in this season of my life.

Teach English to Chinese children online through VIPKid. It's so much fun!

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