Teacher Fair

How do interviews affect you? Do you sweat, do you shake, become too serious, act too overzealous?

I shake/sweat and I sadly feel that I act too overzealous and over answer a question. I feel like I gab and gab and gab and they don’t care after the first two sentences, like I am doing now.
Today was the Teacher Fair at BYU. I prepared all week gathering letters of recommendation, copying resumes, and writing personalized cover letters. I got a sub to fill in a half day for me (the favorite sub of the students, I might add. I’m an awesome teacher, aren’t I?).
This morning, I got all prettied up. Skirt, blouse (it had to be blue to help my students in their Gender Wars week. Girls wear blue, boys wear red), closed-toed neutral shoes, and nice jewelry, hair, makeup. Sadly, Justin left his iPhone in a friend’s car, so we had to use my poor quality camera on my iTouch.
Gray wedge shoes (Payless), Beige ruffle skirt (WalMart–heck ya!), light blue cap shirt (Down East), blue scoop neck, long sleeve shirt (Wet Seal), shell necklace/earrings (Runway), blue floral hair bow (Claire’s)
See, I’m all pretty (and fuzzy). I get to school and the wind picks up. We have period 1 and 2–Utah Studies. Quizzes and free time. Then assembly–talent show. As we are walking back to class after the talent show, we have a huge surprise…snow! No!!!! I have to walk out to my trailer, hair and makeup done nicely for interviews and all for naught!
Mr. “Nachos”, the sub, comes and I rush to my car in the snow. And drive to BYU in the snow. And try to find parking, in the snow. And unable to anywhere near the building of the teacher fair, in the snow. So, I park in a local neighborhood and walk/run to the teacher fair, in the snow. 
When I get there, I’m all fluttered. There are schools everywhere and I try to find the ones I prepared for. Long lines made me impatient and anxious. And I don’t do well like that. I was also let down by the lack of history jobs needed. 
I was lucky enough to have two interviews then and there. And, like I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I feel I was a little twitchy and a little over zealous. Yikes. But, on the second interview, he said I was a “very impressive candidate!” Both of these were rigorous charter schools.
Then, I have two other interviews at other rigorous charter schools set up for next week.

4 hours later, I’m home and exhausted! At least it isn’t snowing any more.

Definitely pajama and no makeup time! Can you see how I’m trying not to look exhausted?

Interviews are scary, but I feel good about how prepared I was and (not to brag) how qualified I feel for someone who is just finishing their internship (student teaching).

Our Fairy Tale

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.


  1. Being an editor for one of your I'm Such An Awesome Teacher Questionnaire, I'd say that you're a girl with great ideas about teaching, thinking, and what really matters in education.

  2. I get so nervous with interviews too, I often either freeze up, or go on and on. Hope your interviews turn out well for you- if he said you were a good candidate IN the interview, that seems like a really great sign!

    Some Snapshots Blog

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