The Little Things

I absolutely love the monthly update posts I do for Rhys. I love keeping track of his growth and learning. And, I absolutely love taking pictures of him. But, more than I love how much he is learning and growing and more than I love how quickly he is hitting each milestone are the little things about it.

It amazes and astounds me how big of a personality an 8 1/2 month old can have. How smart and like sponges they are already. The little nuances they create, showing they are their own person already. The imitations they start to have. The reactions and facial expressions.

** Rhys knows exactly where the bathroom is, and if he gets naked upstairs, he bolts right for it. He loves bathtime.
** Music must be on in the car, if it’s not, Rhys will yell short bursts until it is on. He will then sing.
** When it is naptime, Rhys will look up at me as I rock him, eyes drooping, pacy in his mouth. He’ll start softly going, “aaaaaaah. aaaaah. aaaah” until I start singing him his lullabyes. He’ll then sing with me until his eyes close.
** The fact that whenever I hold him, he’ll immediately stops fussing.
** How much I love it when he leans his head on my shoulder as I hold him.
** How he has started to stare at his hands and turn them, discovering their secrets.
** Just like Justin, how ravenously and enthusiastically he eats, saying “mmmmmhhhh” with every single bite.
** When he bends down in the bathtub to lap up the water like a dog.
** In the middle of the night, Rhys will stand up, turn on his own music machine, and fall back asleep.
** Rhys loves to nuzzle in my armpit as he falls asleep.
** Whispering “dada” is one of his favorite ways to communicate.
** Rhys has already learned to wave, but sometimes, he’ll just hold is arm out right, like he’s waiting for a high-five.
** Waiting with his mouth open wide for Grandma’s puppies to kiss him.
** Whenever he does something new or hard, he looks back at us, awaiting approval.
** His ear to ear wide smile.
** Hitting the surface of whatever he is using to hold himself up to get attention.
** We swear he can already discriminately say “Hi”.
** Holding his hand up to my mouth while he is drinking his bottle, expecting me to kiss it.
** Any time we crawl near him, he smiles, squeals, and crawls quickly away, thinking we are playing “chase” with him.
** Rhys will chose between a few options–we’ll hold out two books or two toys or two shirts in front of him. He’ll look back and forth between each option before reaching out for one.
** How quiet and observant he is while outside.
**The way he looks back and smiles slyly after we scold him for touching the fireplace.
** Steve Harvey on Family Feud is the only SURE way to calm him down.
** He is definitely his father’s son. Rhys will sit in Justin’s lap and watch sports with him or watch his daddy play videogames.
** How he is learning to follow basic commands, like “Come here,” or “put it there,” or “look”.
** Rhys has learned how to use the shower curtain to play peek-a-boo.
** He has his favorite toys: Big Beary (a Costco teddy bear that is about 4 feet tall), his walker, a wind up truck, and his car play area.
** Learning to turn his walker when he hits a dead end or gets stuck, even though most of the time, he ends up flipping over it.

 As a teacher, one of the best rewards is seeing the lightbulb come on above their heads. Well, now I have an even better opportunity and reward as a mother. To know that he is my son, that I helped to create him, half of his genes are mine, and that I am helping and guiding him in this world, is more than I could’ve ever asked for. I am so blessed to have Rhys as a son. Motherhood, albeit difficult, frustrating, tedious, and sometime even monotonous,  is the best thing I have ever done and is more than I dreamed it would be. I’m even tearing up as I write this post right now. It is no wonder that God said of mankind, “This is my work and my glory” (Moses 1:39–Book of Mormon). Rhys is my work and my glory.

I absolutely can not wait to see how his personality, his nuances, develop.

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Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.

  • Motherhood is challenging (or so my mother tells me!) but there are so many beautiful moments you get to experience. Thank you for sharing them! Makes me excited to be a mom (someday very far in the future 🙂 )

  • It is one of the most rewarding jobs there is!

  • Awww… He sounds like the sweetest little guy! I'm excited for my little boy to keep growing and grow into his own little personality! <3

  • It's definitely so fun to watch and see them develop!

  • Oh my goodness, this is too cute. He sounds like a beautiful, joyful addition to the family! How funny that Steve Harvey calms him down!

  • Aww, Rhys is adorable! Thanks for sharing some of the fun of motherhood on your corner of the web! 🙂

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Experiencing a child's personality as it develops is the best. And it only gets better as they get a little older!
    Rhys is such a cutie. Love that cheeky grin of his.

  • Awww…this is so cute! It's amazing how much personality they already have at such a young age! How fun to watch him grow and learn new things. Thanks for sharing!!

  • We are glad for it because we love the animated Steve Harvey!

  • Thank you!

  • He certainly IS getting cheeky…have you ever seen the SNL skit "Gilly?" If not, youtube it and Rhys reminds me of her!

  • It definitely is super fun! I can't wait until the summer when I can spend ALL day with him rather than teaching part-time!

  • Every stage is so sweet and special, but I'm really loving this affection stage! When babies start returning the love it feels so good!

  • He is absolutely precious!! I love your list – it truly is the little things that make everyday so wonderful, especially with children! I am a foster mama to a 1 year old and am actually giving birth to my first child on Monday and this has eased my nervousness because I can't wait to experience moments like these for myself. So beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  • I'm glad it helped, and THANK YOU for helping other children be loved!