The Pros and Cons of Being a SAHM

Last week, I mentioned why I wasn’t going to teach next year.

It was  hard decision that required a lot of praying, fasting, visiting the temple, and creating a pros and cons list. It isn’t going to be easy for us, but we still believe it is the best decision for now.

So, I decided to share the pros and cons with you.

– Finances. We will be losing about 1/3 of our income. we are going to try our best to tighten our budget and lower our expenses so that we can still afford to live where we are now.
– Not getting my Level II license. I had one more year left of teaching, and a few requirements left (like taking the Praxis II exams) to get my Level II. This would’ve made me a lot more desirable as a teacher, and would’ve given me a jump in pay.
– I enjoy teaching and I’m a workaholic. I love teaching, I really do. Although I may complain about the busy, intense curriculum at my Charter school and my students’ behavior sometimes, it is still my dream job. I know I will miss it. Also, I’ve had a job and worked ever since I was 16. The only time I didn’t was last summer, but who would’ve hired a 3rd trimester pregnant woman for just a few weeks of work before giving birth? Work helps relieve my stress (most of the time).
– The fear of becoming a couch potato. I don’t want to spend all day surfing the web or watching daytime television. I need to make sure I stay busy with Rhys!
– Becoming stir crazy. One thing I like about work is that I get out of the house…well, it’ll be a little tougher because we are probably going to get rid of our old car once the school year is over to help with finances. So, unless I can bike there with Rhys (we’re going to get one of those bike carts for kids), it’ll be a little harder to get out about town.

– Time with Rhys. This is probably the most important reason. Nothing can replace a mother’s love, a mother’s teaching, a mother’s quality time. I cannot wait to spend all day with my son!
– Stress break. As much as I love teaching, it is one of the biggest stresses of my life. I think that if I don’t have a “deadline” and only 1 child to have to care for, I’ll be a little calmer. My mental health needs this break!
– More support for Justin. By being home, I can give Justin more quality time, more service, more evidence of my love and support because I can be there for him 100%.
– Better, cleaner house. The house will stay cleaner and more organized more often! I can’t promise a 100% clean house 100% of the time…that’d be impossible and impractical with a toddler! But, I can clean it more often than the current two times a week!
– More homemade meals. One of the biggest weaknesses Justin and I have financially is eating out. After work, we are both so drained and want to spend time with Rhys, that we don’t like cooking often. So, we get fast food, or we’ll eat out at Zupas, Red Robin, Cafe Rio, or Sizzler. If I’m home all day, I can make more homemade meals that are healthier and cheaper!
– Hobbies. Rhys is my first priority, but, “me time” is still important, too. I’ll be able to blog better, read more, maybe even get back into writing!
– Time for friends and family. Since I’ll be home and not having to worry about getting a good night’s sleep for work the next day, I can have time for play dates and hang out with my parents during the day!

So, although the lists are just about equal, I think the first three pros outweigh all of the cons, easily. So, that is why I am staying home next year, and indefinitely so.

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.


  1. It's great to see your example of how to weigh the pros and cons when making an important decision. I think sometimes we get caught up thinking it's about a feeling, but God expects us to do our homework before we go to him and ask for His confirmation of our decision.

  2. I assure you, you are a motivated and busy person. There is no way you will become a couch potato. You won't have enough time to! You'll be blown away by all the things you'll do with Rhys during your days. Come bedtime you'll wonder just where your day went!
    If you find a way to keep your house cleaner while you're home, please share the details with me! While our house is always picked up and free of clutter, I find it's so difficult to actually get out the duster, vacuum, and bathroom cleaners. It's so much more difficult to do with a little one running around and no one else to keep him entertained but me.

  3. Enjoy staying home! It's not as easy as most people think to be home all day with the kids, but it is definitely worth it. You're a lucky mommy to get to do it.

  4. Well, keeping a house clean is very, very important to me. I'm pretty anal retentive, and even during the first few weeks of moving into our new home/being a mom (happened at the same time), I stressed about doing dishes, keeping up with laundry (especially since Rhys had silent reflux!)…I can't concentrate on homework/grading/blogging if the house is a mess–it stresses me out to much!

  5. Thank you! I definitely agree with that! I've always had the philosophy (not only applying to religion, but teaching as well) that God won't help us unless we try to help ourselves first.

  6. It took me almost a year to feel like I really transitioned into life as a SAHM. Before I had my first child, I was always working or going to school or both, so my at home time was ultimate lounge time. I NEVER got ready or showered until right before I had to leave the house and I hardly ever cleaned. It took a while to transition being home from lazy/lounge time to productive time. I got there eventually though 🙂

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