The Weirdest Night

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Last night was the weirdest. Not necessarily in the actual events, but the segue of event to thought and thought to event.

Top right: Emergency Room Visit, Bottom Right: Working at Subway, Bottom Left: Life-threatening experience with Richard Parker
Where to start…about 8pm.
I had been super sleepy all evening yesterday. I don’t know why? Maybe it was a combination of exhaustion of playing/teaching toddlers at church, a completely full stomach, and boredom. Well, I had been napping on the couch (meaning, my eyes were closed), when some of our neighbors knocked on the door. We are very close to these neighbors and they have become very good friends. But, the past couple of weeks, the husband had been feeling very, very ill: super dizzy, lack of appetite and energy, anxious, heavy head, etc. We had just been over to their apartment only a few hours earlier to talk with them and so Justin can help give a healing blessing. We then said, if he doesn’t feel any better, we’d take them to the ER. So, at 8pm, I get off the couch and Justin and I drive this couple to the ER. They get checked in and head through the doors and Justin and I hunkered down playing games on our iPhones. When we had arrived, we were the only ones in the waiting room. But, it started to fill up. Now, I’d been in the ER twice before: when I was ten, I bumped my head and it started to bleed, and then when I was 13 I broke my arm. Justin, however, had been in for far worse and had to have a couple hospital stays, so he started to get uncomfortable. So, we went home, and I texted our friends to call me when they were done.
We went home, and Justin starts to drop–his stomach is hurting, throat and stuffiness, cold and tired. He had recently changed medication for his pre-existing condition, so that may have been what was affecting him. So, I put him to bed (at this time, it was about 10:30) and hunkered down on my laptop in the living room, doing stumbleupon. I found a couple fun history and geography games. The clock kept on ticking and soon it was midnight. I was exhausted. I could barely keep my eyes open, and I felt so bad for our friends still in the ER and my husband coughing up a lung and shivering. I turned my phone up all the way and laid down in bed, but as soon as I did, they called, ready to be picked up. What was affecting our friend is a sinus disease, but they have appointments made and he is going to be on anti-biotics. 
Finally, at about 12:30, I was able to lay down. I had to use a personal fan, since Justin was wrapped in warm clothes and blankets. He still coughed, and tossed and turned, every now and then sitting up. I eventually fell into a fitful sleep (poor husband didn’t sleep at all) only waking up when Justin sat up or got out of bed.
I was in dream land, working. That seems to be the more prevalent dream for me now–working or doing normal things I would in my life. However, instead of at the subway I work now, I was at the subway I worked at in CA. I didn’t really like my Filipino boss, as I felt he liked the Filipino workers more and gave me more hard work and responsibility than them an was harsher with me. He started yelling at me in my dream. It was lunch rush hour and we were going as quickly as we could, but it just wasn’t good enough for him. At last my shift was over, and I left, as the subway was turning into snack stands in a zoo. 
I went to have lunch with my zoo friends, but a flood came. Luckily, I was able to get on a raft and float down the river, safely. I was back at the zoo which was part of my home. I was Pi, from Life of Pi, after his experience as a castaway. But, we were back in India, and my mother and father were still alive. Richard Parker was back in his area of the zoo, but was trying to escape. There were cement walls around his enclosure. Two 6″ thick windows at the bottom so visitors could see. But at the top of the wall were two openings, 12 feet high that Richard Parker could jump up and reach his forearms and head over, growling and roaring at all that passed. 
My bedroom was on the side of his enclosure. He saw me walk passed and tried to jump out, snarling and growling like he wanted to eat me. I tried to sneak around the corner, without him noticing, to get into my room, but he kept catching sight of me. There were two more openings at the top of the walls on my side and I was so afraid he would finally be able to jump out and and kill me in my sleep. I mentioned this to father and he grabbed a zoo worker and they got some wet cement. They started covering up the openings at the top of the wall, while at the same time Richard Parker kept jumping up and removing the cement. I started to lament, “Why Richard Parker? You were so well behaved in the boat. We became good friends on the open sea. Why do you want to kill me now?”
Then, lo and behold, he started to speak to me! In a deep guttural voice, he said, “Because you have put me back behind bars. You have tricked me. You are just like them. But,” he turned to face my father, “if you let me out, I will teach Pi such things as you can’t believe.” My father, ever the skeptic replied, “And what if you are lying and kill my son, then kill all else in the zoo?” Richard Parker said, “You will just have to trust me.” We let him out, and he walked with me.
Then, I woke up. Well, I’d been waking up the entire night, off and on, my dreams undisturbed.  I’d toss and I’d turn, pull blankets up and kick them off, Justin rolling into me, or cuddling me. But, I finally woke up, woke up. My eyes shot wide open, and that was that. I was up for the day. It was 11:17am. 
My freaking goodness gracious! I slept in past 11am!!!!! I’ve never done that before! 
What a weird night!!!

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.


  1. Oh, wow, that's an intense dream!! I do not think I would want to dream about Richard Parker! And sleeping past 11–that's certainly a milestone. It's rare I can sleep past 8 on a day off!

  2. What a crazy dream!! I seriously wish I could sleep in until 10am and I am pretty sure some days I would give my right arm to sleep to 11 just once haha =)

  3. Woah, what a dream! And, how awesome you can remember so much of it! I am so bad about remember my dreams.
    And, I think I'd give my left arm if I could sleep in past 6:30, 11 would be glorious!!

  4. What a crazy dream! It sounds like you really needed to get some rest though. So, it was probably a good thing you slept in.

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