My Thoughts on the Sitcom Parks and Recreation

Another mockumentary sitcom: Parks and Recreation. My thoughts about seeing it for the first time years after it ended!

Yes, yes, I know I just did a post about The Office. But, I had finished that sitcom back around Thanksgiving. Since then, I’d been working on another favorite of my friend, Danica— Parks and Recreation. And, I wanted to write this post while the sitcom was still fresh in my mind. And, guess what, I actually liked it…as did Justin who saw a few episodes here and there. (And guess what was Justin’s favorite part: Ron Swanson! Duh!)

Another mockumentary sitcom: Parks and Recreation. My thoughts about seeing it for the first time years after it ended!

  • Leslie is the most tenacious person ever. I can see why so many of my friends idolize her. I feel that tenacity is one of the biggest traits of success.
  • Leslie is also intense and naive at the same time…I know that’s kind of Amy Poehler and all her characters…but, just like Anne, I feel its a bit much.
  • As the series went on, Andy Dwyer became more and more of an empty-headed goof…if that’s how he always was, how in the world did Anne live with him for two years old????
  • I could tell when Chris Pratt started filming for all his big movies because he had trimmed down a bit on the show.
  • I really like Ben–he’s my favorite. I don’t know why. I really prefer geeky, sweet-hearted guys. I like nice guys like Bingley rather than a Darcy.
  • I feel so bad for Gary/Jerry/Larry/Terry/Garry. He’s such a sweet man. But, seriously, I’m with Ben…how and why and how and why and how and why and how and why did Gayle marry him???????
  • Pawnee is such a backwater, misogynistic, racist, town…I would hate them. I’m judgmental that way. Especially because I can probably guess who they would’ve voted for in this last presidential election and it just pisses me off.
  • I love April’s final job.
  • I don’t like how they just ignore any and all children in the story. I mean, Anne got pregnant and then moved a way. There was like one episode about pregnancy side effects. And then, Leslie mentioned she was pregnant with triplets and we don’t get to see her pregnant with multiples or deal with multiples as infants and balance her job. That, I would’ve really liked to see, especially because of Leslie’s personality.
  • Sometimes I hated the show. I know Amy Poehler was also a writer, but seriously, I screamed at the TV many times: “JUST GIVE LESLIE A BREAK FOR ONCE. JUST GIVE HER AN EASY WIN FOR ONCE!”
  • Ron Swanson makes me laugh. But make me rethink my political views.
  • Justin loved Ron Swanson.
  • The actor of Ron Swanson must be really good at facial expressions while acting…either that, or he made that face so much, it got stuck that way. Haha.
  • I think Ron’s laugh is funny.
  • Leslie’s relationship with her mom was introduced in a few of the first episodes and was meant to have some sort of tension. But, then it kind of got dropped. I think it should’ve stayed a major point, especially since both of them worked in government.
  • I hate Aziz Ansari and I hate Tom. I don’t care if he had a good ending. I hate him.
  • Donna was fun. I wanted to learn more about her personally. But, the dating the teacher to the marriage went by really fast. It seemed too fast. And, we didn’t really get any detail about their relationship and the trials and obstacles they had to go through.
  • I wasn’t that big of a fan of the last season. It seemed too much like the last season of How I Met Your Mother. It felt rushed, left a lot of open notes, and stretched some things out too much and others went too quickly.
  • I would’ve like to date Chris.
  • I love that Garry had a happy ending. He deserved it.
  • I love Ron’s ending. It fit him very well.
  • Honestly, I love everyone’s endings. I loved that whole episode. It was the perfect wrap-up/epilogue.

I think I liked Parks and Rec more than I liked the Office. I’m not sure because The Office has such a history with me and my family. I mean, my teens years was full of the Office (I wasn’t a die-hard or anything, but I would watch new episodes with my family). Or do I really like Parks and Rec more for itself? Regardless, I loved it (but I still like Friends) more.

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