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Croeso! Welcome!

A few months ago, I got a random email from someone named Llinos from The Lilac Linnet. I immediately knew that was a Welsh name. She said she was glad to have found my blog and was excited that I knew Welsh and had traveled to Wales. I immediately followed her back. Since then, we’ve talked about Wales, sometimes in Welsh. Llinos always ignites my wish to go back to Wales in a bad way! So, we decided that we needed to share with the world the amazing-ness that is Wales. Therefore, we’ve created Welsh Wednesdays!

Welsh Wednesdays--all about Wales!

The last Wednesday of every month, Llinos and I will both create a post based on a specific topic on Wales. This week, we’ve decided to talk about what we love about Wales and why we are doing this linkup.

Make sure you check out Llinos’s post!

First of all, I want to make sure you know where Wales actually is:


I have always been obsessed with English history–Celt and Romans, Dark Age and King Arthur, Medieval Age and knights and wars, and the Tudors. I have also been obsessed with fantasy, and the history just molds so nicely together. In high school, I started researching more about the Celts and their culture and mythology and decided I wanted to learn a Celtic language (Irish Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic, or Welsh–it didn’t matter).

When I got to BYU, I found that the only Celtic language they offered was Welsh. So I began taking the courses my sophomore year. I also found out about the same time that I was part Welsh–not as much as my Danish and Swedish ancestry, but my Scandinavian blood never really called out to me; whereas, my Celtic ancestry pumps through my veins loudly. I mean, I would always listen to Celtic music, loved British history, and was obsessed with Celts and fantasy!
I loved learning the language and how it rolled off the tongue. I also loved the history of Wales–it is very similar to Scotland–full of rebels! I then had the opportunity to go to Wales for a study abroad in 2010. I felt so at home in Wales–like I was connected to the land, to the history, to the culture. It was quite a spiritual experience for me to be honest. I have been yearning to return ever since then, but sadly, finances disagree.

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Cymru Am Byth!













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