Welsh Wednesday | St. David’s Day

Croeso! Welcome back!

Today, Llinos and I will be talking about St. David’s Day….or Dydd Gwyl Dewi. Saint David’s Day is celebrated every year on March 1st.


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Saint David is the patron saint of Wales. He brought back Christianity to the Welsh people after the Roman Christians left Great Britain. He also advised the Welsh to all wear leeks on their lapels as they fought against the invading Saxons and they won.

So, we celebrate much like the Irish celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day…much reveling and wearing green and red. Oh, and we wear “leeks” on our shirts…I have a felt leek pin that I wear. We also wear Welsh clothing…like flags on our shirts!

And, then there is the food! Cornish Pasties and Leek and Potato Soup!


Llinos and I have also decided to add in little mini-vlogs. We thought it would be very interesting to have us both speak the same words and phrases to see the differences between a Native North Welshwoman and an American speak Welsh.

Hello/how are you. Smae, Sut dych chi? (shmai shoot-dik-kee)
Happy Birthday Penblwydd hapus (pen-blue-eth happees)
Nice to meet you Braf cwrdd a chi (brav coorth a kee)
I live in…. Dw i’n byw yn Utah (dween be-you in Utah)
It’s a lovely day Mae’n dydd hyfryd (mine deeth huv-red)
My name is…. Tayler dw i (Tayler dwee)

What else would you like to learn about Wales?


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