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A discussion on Welsh books, or books related to Wales.

Today, for Welsh Wednesdays, Llinos and I will be sharing about Welsh books. It’s obvious that I am obsessed with both Wales and books, so it only makes sense that I would have a shelf solely dedicated to Welsh history and culture.

A discussion on Welsh books, or books related to Wales.

I have many history books…I have about two and a half shelves full of them. Most of them have to do with medieval times, especially medieval Britain. That was, after all, my emphasis in my history major. So, of course, that also includes Wales, and is also part of the reason I decided to study Welsh.

Welsh books

As you can see, I have a Welsh dragon, or Draig Cymraeg. I also have my Welsh grammar books and dictionaries to help me practice my Welsh. La Morte D’Arthur is included in that because I’m in the school that yes, Arthur was a real historical figure, and yes, he was in fact, Welsh.  Then, stacked, are all my history books: one specifically is a short history on Wales, itself. But, the rest all have to do with Wales as part of Great Britain.

I also have a Welsh Book of Mormon:

Welsh books

The Book of Mormon is the scriptures that sets Mormons apart from other Christians. We believe it is another testament of Christ. It has been translated into numerous languages across the globe, including Welsh. However, the translation was done in the mid-1800s, and trying to read its style of Welsh is like an ESL learner trying to read Shakespeare! It’s an older, more formal format and is grammatically pretty difficult. But, it’s great to learn the spiritual and religious Welsh vocabulary.

I also have a few Welsh books that I will give Rhys when he is older.

Welsh books

The first is actually a Welsh book for Welsh boy scouts! I can’t wait to use it when Rhys is in Scouts! The second is a picture book about Welsh princes, one of which is Rhys’s namesake!

And, of course, I’ve done book reviews on both The Castle of Llyr and Born to Treason, novels that take place in Wales and have to do with Welsh history or legends.

What Welsh books or books about Wales have you read?

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  • I’ve never actually read much about Welsh history/culture or anything, but I’m always up for learning more about something I don’t know much about! I studied German, which is also where I can trace the majority of my roots to, so I tend to read more historical fiction books that take place in Germany!

    • I’ve read a few books that took place in Germany, but they tend to be Holocaust books! x_x

  • I need to read Born to Treason! Great video, I enjoyed making this one a lot.

    • You would really enjoy it! I know it!