Why I Am Not Teaching Next Year

I love teaching. I love creating lesson plans (although I don’t like the time it takes to create a good lesson plan), I love learning as I teach, I love getting to know my students, and I love getting paid to talk about things I like.

However, I am not returning to teach next year. There are a few reasons why:

1) I want to be a SAHM.
That was actually the original plan–as soon as I had a baby, I was going to stay at home. However, for some reason, last May, I had a feeling that I should work part-time. I thought it was my passion for teaching driving me to continue (which I believe was a real reason), but now I believe that it was God working in mysterious ways as Justin didn’t get a job until mid-October, and we needed income! But, I miss my boy the 5 hours in the middle of the day that I am gone. Thankfully, my babysitters have kept me ignorant to if he hit milestones before I saw them. For that, I am glad. But, as he is getting close to being a toddler, I want to be there for him more..his first real steps, his first words, teaching him his numbers, letters, shapes, colors, etc. I want to have fun mornings in the park, afternoon bike rides, play group dates. I want to be home with my son.

2) It will be good for my mental health.
I haven’t felt completely there in the past two school years. Last year I was teaching at a new school with a new subject, and pregnant! This year, I’ve had to balance work with motherhood. I’ve suffered mild pre-natal and postpartum depression. I’ve been super hormonal, super stressed and anxious. I’ve been short with my students, my husband, my family, myself, and even little Rhys. I’ve lost interest in hobbies sometimes. I haven’t given my all to Rhys or Justin. That isn’t fair. That isn’t good for my mental health. By staying home, I can recover and recuperate. I don’t have to stress or worry about lesson plans or being gone half the day or finding a babysitter or still being upset at misbehaving children and nervous to have a sub try to handle them. I can give 100% to me. And by doing so, I can give 100% to Justin and Rhys.

3) I can have time for hobbies!
Now, I’ve heard both ways that SAHMs do and definitely don’t have time for their own hobbies. Well, I’ll consider it this way–I’ll have 5 hours given back to me, I’ll have Rhys’s two nap times back (I leave a little after he begins his morning nap and get back right after he wakes up from his afternoon nap), and I won’t have to worry about going to bed at a decent time (if I wanted to stay up) because I could nap while Rhys naps.

I have three and a half weeks left of teaching indefinitely. I don’t know when I’ll go back. Eventually, I’d like to, as I love teaching. Because of this, each Wednesday until my last day of school (June 3rd), I’m going to talk a little about teaching and my decision to stay at home:

** The Pros and Cons of Me Staying Home Next Year
** What I’ll Miss About Teaching
** What I’m Glad to Be Leaving Behind
Are you a stay at home mom? What were your reasons?

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.


  1. I can definitely imagine that this change will bring mixed emotions with it, but it sounds like a really good decision for your and your family! I have loved this past year at our school here but I don't know precisely what the future holds for me and work–I know I want to have kids as soon as that happens for us and I'm toying with the idea of getting a Master's degree at a university in Malaysia. I imagine that I'll work in private tutoring, but I may opt to get a job at a school–we'll see!

  2. Good for you for standing up for what you want. I love being home with my little guy when I can. Don't let people get you down. Do what is bet for your little family.

  3. I had some pre-natal depression too towards the end of my pregnancy… it was really affecting my teaching. I made it clear before I was hired that I would only teach for fall semester so I could be a SAHM when Nicole was born (I was able to get away with that because my theatre program was just an after-school program) and it was the right choice. Teaching while pregnant was stressing me out too much, and I am 100% positive that teaching with a newborn would've been bad for my mental health and would've sent me into a downward spiral. As much as I love the kids, it was good to step back – for my own sake as well as the sake of my family and students! I'm sure you'll get plenty of chances in your life to get back to doing what you love, so enjoy the time with Rhys while you have it! 🙂

  4. I bet that was a hard decision to make, but it sounds like you're making the right one! And isn't it amazing how those little feelings we get from the Spirit about what we should do don't totally make sense to us until later? And then it's like, "OH my gosh. God was totally watching out for me right there." 🙂

  5. To work or not to work is a really difficult and very personal decision.
    It sounds like you've made the very best decision for you and your family!
    Can't wait to follow you in your transition from working outside the home to staying at home.

  6. It definitely will bring about mixed emotions! I want to get a Master's as well, but I think that will have to wait one or two more years until we are steady on income and finances!

  7. I definitely feel it (as well as the lack of sleep from baby) has affected my behavior, which I could've done better with. One thing that I do like about my school, when a teacher has a baby anytime during the year, our principal MAKES the teacher return as a PART-TIMER until they are able to have a good balance!

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