Why I’ll Miss Provo

As you may have found out, we finally found a place to move to! Today we will be moving to a 2 bedroom, beautiful townhome in Sandy. Justin will still be a student for another month and a half, so it’ll be a little bit of a commute for him (about 35 minutes), but it drops my commute to my Charter School from 50 minutes to 25 minutes! It’s also in a busy county, so it’ll probably be closer to wherever Justin ends up working. And, I’m so glad to be moving out of a college town and into a real town! I’ve lived in Provo since 2008 and have been out of college for two years, so it’s about time.

But, even though I’m so exciting to be leaving Provo and the college scene, I’ll still miss it. 6 years is a fourth of my life! Provo is a nice town and we’ve had plenty of adventures here. So, in no particular order, here are some major reasons we’ll miss Provo.

Note: Almost none of these pictures are mine. Being under strict orders not to go on “adventures” and not previously not owning a good camera, I couldn’t take my own pictures.I got almost all of the pictures off Google Images.

#1 BYU

Yes, we’ll be glad we’re done with college, but BYU is the main reason we came to Utah! We both only wanted to go to BYU–neither of us applied to any other college. Going to a college that is run by your religion and has your standards (and happens to be close to family) was very nice. The classes were super fun and interesting, and definitely a challenge. All the different activities on campus: movies, bowling, science museums, art museums, etc

#2 LaVell Edwards Stadium & the Marriott Center

I worked concessions for BYU’s sporting events while in college. Justin likes actually going to the football and basketball games. He’s always had an all sports pass and I thoroughly enjoyed my opportunity at being able to have one last year. Although the games are all broadcast on BYUTV and some on ESPN, we’ll miss actually attending the sporting events in person.

#3 Y Mountain

This mountain has a big “Y” on it that looks over BYU and Provo. It is the iconic hiking trail. It’s an unspoken rule that you have to hike it at least once a year and at least one of those hikes has to be in the middle of the night. It’s a pretty steep hike, so I haven’t hiked it since being pregnant, and will be sad that I won’t have the opportunity to do so this year. But, it’s always been fun to hike with friends. And the view, overlooking city and Utah Lake is breathtaking.

#4 Center Street

Provo is an old town, founded in 1849. Center Street was the main part of town and has been since then. It has that old, rustic town center feel to it. But, it also has a lot of new startups and holes-in-the-wall. It’s so fun to walk up and down, seeing the different little shops and new restaurants. Ill definitely miss it.

#5 University Mall, Provo Towne Center, and the Riverwoods

These were the malls in Provo (even though University Mall was technically in Orem, it’s still Provo). Justin and I spent so much time at these malls, and I would frequent them in the summer, Black Friday, and the day after Christmas. Of course, each city is going to have their own malls, but there were specific places I enjoyed about each of these. University Mall had Papaya and Wet Seal, my two favorite places to buy clearance clothes. Provo Towne Center is where I saw the last Harry Potter movie at the midnight releasing, and it has this tempura dessert shop–delicious! The Riverwoods is a beautiful, outdoor mall and was always fun to explore.

#6 Food Truck Roundup

Provo is definitely the place to be with food trucks and startups. So, my Welsh professor and his sons, who own a building they lease to start-up companies decided to work with the different food trucks in the area so that they gather every Thursday to sell their food. Justin and I have gone once a month and love the food every time we go. As far as we know, there isn’t anything like this in Salt Lake County.

#7 Provo River Trail and Provo Canyon

The Provo Canyon has a lot of National Parks in it. We have explored it many times and I have hiked the infamous Bridal Veil Falls…by hike, I mean I climbed up the falls. Provo River runs through the canyon, then winds all through Orem and Provo. Trails follow it and I loved biking these during the summer evenings and sitting next to the river–it reminded me of Virginia.

#8 Married Student LDS Congregations and the Provo Temples

We will be moving from a married student congregation to a normal congregation. But, what is nice about married student congregations is everyone is in the same situation as you–young, just married, still in school, poor, and just starting families and jobs. We have also made very good friends in this congregation and will be sad to leave them.
Also, we lived 5 minutes away from the Provo Temple, as well as 5 minutes away from the currently-being-constructed Provo Town Center Temple. It has been a blessing to be so close to such holy places.

#9 7 Peaks Water Park

This was such a fun water park! Wave pool, lazy river, and intense water slides! The previous two summers, Justin and I spent a lot of time at these water parks. We were able to bike there, we lived so close! We had season passes which also allowed us to get into some BYU and University of Utah sporting events, as well as Real Salt Lake soccer games, as well as other discounts at other fun places throughout Utah. So, it’ll be sad to leave it and find another water park to take its place.
#10 Farmer’s Markets

Provo hosts a huge Farmer’s Market every Saturday. BYU Concessions even hosted their own every Thursday in the fall. I loved going to these, sampling free food, buying huge and delicious produce and homemade bakery products, and buying cute crafts. I will have to search for another Farmer’s Market as big and diverse as Provo’s.
We’re not moving too far away from Provo, but it’ll be about half an hour away and besides Justin finishing school, there really isn’t any other reason to go back down. We are graduating from college life and entering adult life. So, Provo, thank you for all the memories. We will never forget you!

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.


  1. Not being near our college campus anymore is one thing that I'm a little sad about when we move, too. You sure do make a lot of memories in college!

  2. The Provo Food Truck roundup sounds like a lot of fun and it's on my bucket list to go sometime! Congrats on your new place, but I understand how hard it is to leave somewhere you've become attached to.

  3. So many great memories! But, just think of all the memories you're going to create in your new town!

  4. Definitely do the food truck roundup! I'm surprised you haven't yet! It's awesome! Take some blogger "business cards" with you! All the food trucks advertise on social media anyway!

  5. Since we live further north, we rarely get down that way! I never would have thought to bring my business cards, what did you use them for?

  6. We live up here too and its still worth it to go down for the water park. Cowabunga Bay just isnt the same 🙂

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